Steve Beckow: The Next Chapter and a New Day

Kathleen 222
Kathleen and our hostess, Janine, enjoy an Acai Bowl together. Mmmmmm…..

Written by Steve Beckow, The Golden Age of Gaia, October 11, 2014 –

Kathleen and I were sitting outside a Starbucks, near the beach at San Diego (aka Heaven on Earth), listening to Sue Lie’s Multidimensional Leadership Workshop, when the Arcturians said that now was a time when people were moving from isolation and connecting one-on-one to connecting in small groups.

Well, you can bet your boots that Kathleen and I looked at each other and said, almost simultaneously, “That’s what we’re doing here.”

Just like clockwork, from our perspective anyways, we suddenly awoke two weeks ago from being two hermits working away on our missions to taking the show on the road. And others seem to be coming out of their seclusion as well – in this particular case, to meet with us.

And I have to say that, with the processing of that last core issue connected to my Mother’s death, I now seem to have patience, good humor, an enjoyment of the company of others, where before I was impatient, sombre, and hermit-like.

Many people we’ve been meeting have not had the company of lightworkers before. It’s as if we’ve reached an oasis together and everyone is as thirsty as can be. And sharing is the way we drink.

And sharing would be no good if there weren’t people listening. Both are needed.

Tomorrow we meet with a group of San Diego lightworkers and several days down the road, with a group of San Franciscans. And what we wanted to say to you is, heavens, don’t wait for us to come visit. Time to start creating your own small group in your own home town.

You’ve read several articles recently that speak to the tremendous loneliness that this type of work engenders in all of us. Jeannette wrote about that in her post yesterday and we received this message from a San Pedro lightworker today (generally we don’t cite the names of letter writers so we don’t embarrass anyone):

“It was so amazing to meet you and Kathleen!! It’s really inspired me to move forward in these exciting times. I can’t wait to connect with fellow Pedroites and to continue to make great connections when we move back to Edmonton. PS the postings on ‘Forgiveness’ and ‘Am I alone in this’ I could have written myself… wow. It reinforces the True Path us Loners are on and that we are united in purpose. I feel the time for me to come forward and connect is now and I am ready to serve in new and inspiring ways.”

It warms our hearts to read this. We think it’s indeed time for us all to begin coming together and take the next step – linking up – in building Nova Earth. And we have no doubt that every step we (all of us lightworkers) take at this time is guided.

It almost seems as if we’re rubbing the sleepy dust from our eyes, sharing the dreams we had, good and bad, and stretching our limbs. about to begin the next chapter and a new day.

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