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Women Warriors

Note from Wes: This was written by an anonymous servicewoman as a response to Steve Beckow’s recent message to people who are in the military, which can be read on The Golden Age of Gaia.

The Golden Age of Gaia, Author Unknown, October 8, 2014 –

I am writing in response to your post to military members and veterans. (1) I am a former U.S. Army Reservist who has served two combat deployments. I am a woman and I am an ascended light worker.

I found some of what you posted to be over-generalizations. (I’m sure you didn’t mean it. In fact, I do not suggest that you meant anything said as a slight to military members.)

The military is a microcosm of society as a whole. That means we come from all walks of life and hold various beliefs and political stances. I had a good amount of spiritual awareness when I was deployed to Iraq during the troop surge of 2007-2008. I did not buy into the story of weapons of mass destruction, nor did many of my fellow soldiers.

Nor did anyone I’ve ever met in the Army have the qualities of “compassion, loving- kindness and so on…drummed out of {them} in the belief that {they} needed to act in wartime, without thinking, without hesitating, without drawing back.” I attended yoga classes over my lunch hour while stationed at a larger base in theater. I came across fellow soldiers who meditated daily in the field and others who were reading Ekhart Tolle.

Being a warrior is part of my make up (and I think that is why many are called to serve in this way). It is an archetype and it is how I serve the light—both in the military and as a spiritual warrior. I truly feel that my service in the military has provided valuable insight and fortitude for my spiritual journey, which for me has been much more difficult than serving in the military.

You pose some suggestions on how military personnel can serve the light. Some of them, I would hope I would have been able to comply with if ever put in such a situation such as, “refuse{ing} to engage in actions that violate them (Geneva Conventions) such as murder, assassination, and torture.” Others, I would find difficult, such as when you suggest to, “degrade your abilities to effect your duties if those duties are dark or evil. Miss your target. Fail to maintain your weapon. Lose needed supplies and…pass along information to whistleblowers… But not if it endangers you.”

These, I believe, most soldiers would have difficulty with because it would endanger not merely themselves, but fellow soldiers. I can’t imagine as a soldier putting my fellow brothers/sisters in arms in harms way, and I’m sure that is not what you are asking, but such suggestions surely would.

I think, however, you left out some of the most important and doable actions a light worker service member can take, and that is holding/anchoring the light, sending love, and leading by example through connection to higher consciousness. That is how I chose to serve while in Iraq. I was excited to deploy to Iraq knowing that I would be sending out a force field of love while being physically present in a place that so needed it.

I also made a conscious effort everyday to remain positive and support all those around me. This is powerful. This is the game changer, and this is how light workers serve everywhere, no matter what their profession.

I saw much good being done during my deployment as part of the nation building and transformation efforts. I would certainly love to see such efforts continued without the accompaniment of overbearing and unnecessary regime change. And let’s not forget the social strides made in our society as a whole because of action first taken by the military such as racial desegregation, gender equality, and acceptance of homosexuality. The military has often led the way on these issues.

I am proud of my military service and not because of some misguided sense of nationalism or patriotism, but because of the amazing and wonderful people with whom I have served (of whom some are also the most wise and enlightened I’ve met) and the opportunity to positively touch the lives of people around the world—if only for a moment. Simplicity. Wonder. Grace. Love. These are the qualities we all have and can use to effect the change we wish to see. And the journey, as always, begins within. Perhaps this is what you meant by: “The biggest contribution you can make, always, is a change of heart.” An open one is all it takes.


(1) “A Message to Serving and Veteran Members of the Military – Part 1/2,” at


  1. Thank-you to the soldier who wrote this. Very enlightening and so glad light workers in the military and
    as stated, many walks of life. Beautiful message.


  2. I have to call “BS” on this one. The needle on my detector is swinging off the scale.

    I am flabbergasted at the self-praise of a person who chose to be part of an invading military force. Invading military force. Invading.

    A soldier who who did not refuse orders to deploy to the invaded nations did not “serve” America. Such did not even honor the solemn oath or pledge made to uphold the Constitution and to defend it against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

    Soldiers who accepted those orders to invade served only the enemies of life and of honor and of all decent people everywhere. Everyone else was dis-served.

    In most cases, this may have been done under a delusion that it was a good thing to obey those orders, with the best and most honorable intentions…there is no denying that. We all make mistakes, many very grave. It goes with being human.

    However, it is time to wake up.

    The great result of Nuremberg is a principle of international law, held sacred by all civilized people and nations, that aggressive warmaking is the supreme crime. That is what the invading armies took part in, the supreme crime against humanity.

    It is hardly a thing to take pride in. Renouncing such behavior forever, would be.

    I am not saying, “But don’t stick your neck out too far.” No. I am saying, be brave. Refuse orders that are repugnant to honor, life and humanity, and being warriors, accept the consequences. You got yourself into the military. Take responsibility for that. Don’t make the people of another nation suffer from your decisions.

    Do not take part in causing pain, doing harm, supposedly to “protect your own”– who ought not to have invaded those lands in the first place. That is so dishonest, and ultimately, it is the epitome of cowardice. It is a cop-out. It is shifting responsibility for the harm you would do onto those who are defending themselves against invaders.


    How many wars do you think our criminals in power, our “fearless leaders” (a Bullwinkle reference, yes) could carry on, if the soldiers refused to cooperate? How many nations would the politicians invade on their own? They are, in general, physical cowards as well as moral cowards…

    War would stop, if not for the physically brave but morally, spiritually confused. Ignorance makes criminals of us all, at some point.

    Then, if we are honest, we grow up.

    Can anyone actually imagine that the military of the United States has “served” the people of the US, or of Afghanistan, or of Iraq, or of any other nation it has unleashed its hells upon?

    How? Why? Because you beamed love and light while you physically supported an invasion? Nonsense.

    This is either so naive or so disingenuous, it is mind-boggling.

    This is living a lie.

    What does “I am a warrior” mean, when an unprovoked attack on another nation is what your military faction is engaged in? Then your military occupation is de facto terrorizing people in their own lands and homes, as an invading force that takes control of their lives and resources, installs puppets, re-makes their laws and society as it sees fit, or utterly destroys their civilization (often the real intent of those who ordered the invasion).

    “I am a warrior.” What does that mean?

    If it clearly has nothing to do with honor or integrity, it has to do merely with being part of a specific group or nation. And getting away with murder and theft, or aiding and abetting that, because one is wrapped in a flag. Thus shaming the flag, and the nation.
    That is the “us against them” club.

    Nothing honorable or spiritual in it, even if you do claim to love the people your force is attacking…again, I call, “Nonsense!”

    Please note, even had Iraq possessed a stockpile of WMDs, that would have been its right as a sovereign nation. Iraq was not threatening war against the US.

    Do you see the US giving up its WMDs? It would actually make sense for the rest of the world to demand it, as the US is the country that regularly attacks any other country it wants to, just because it can … not due to threats, however pretended or self-contrived (as ISIS was bankrolled and supplied, in order to create an enemy to give another excuse for attacking countries of unfortunate interest to the great thieves and murderers of the world), not for “defense”, but to serve a wealthy elite who want those nations under their control.


    You say “I am a warrior,” but you do not know what that means. A warrior is true in spirit. A warrior is pristine, honest, not merely brave.

    A warrior is no member of a partisan little team, right or wrong.

    A warrior serves humankind, not a specific agenda put out by a passel of rogues in power.

    Honor, first. Even at risk of penalties, ostracism, criticism, imprisonment or death, for doing what is right when the orders are wrong.

    It is necessary to discern right from wrong. Not to discern, “which team am I playing for, the invaders or the indigenous people?” The only team you play for, if truly spiritual, is humanity.

    Otherwise, it’s BS, no matter how many new age concepts and practices you are familiar with.

    I would like to suggest mildly that “true in spirit” implies that one cannot simultaneously beam love to the people in one’s vicinity and at the same time support an invading force in that peoples’ lands. There is a terrible disconnect here. Did not our great Middle Eastern teacher warn us to “beware of fountains that send up both sweet and bitter waters”?

    Do the people of an invaded nation give a damn if the soldiers who are tearing apart their world meditate once a day, in the field, or three times a day in a cave…? I don’t think they’d find it relevant at all.

    I would like to say, “respectfully”, but I think we are being played by a master BSer here, one who knows how to talk our language, but hasn’t a clue what the words really mean.

    Nevertheless, I am being honest with all who read this, and that is how I show my respect.

    Mull it over, then take it or leave it.

    But know this: Soldiers of the world, humanity depends upon you to say, “No,” to killing our brothers and sisters in every land. We are one. You cannot defend us by killing them.


  3. The PTB (or were) have already sold war as “humanitarian intervention”.

    It was a matter of time, noting a longing for spirituality cranking up across the land, that they would set psy-ops to selling it as a “spiritual path”.


  4. ^^ On top of it she says that she would never put her “brothers and sisters of her side in danger”.


    They are just mercenaries.

    Not “lightworkers”.

    KILL for monopoly money on command.

    Because you know… “that’s what they signed up to do”.

    “THOU SHALL NOT VIOLATE!” – Seth / Jane Roberts.


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