Heavenletters via Gloria Wendroff: Rising to Greater Heights

Heavenletters: Rising to Greater Heights, Channeled through Gloria Wendroff, Heavenletters.org, October 8, 2014 – http://tinyurl.com/ly96bax

God said:

To live for yourself alone has gone out of style. It doesn’t satisfy. Oh, for a time, perhaps, and then you find out that what you at first found satisfying isn’t satisfying any longer. It doesn’t satisfy enough. It is far from enough.

For one thing, you are hard to please, and you change your mind. Another thing is that it becomes tiresome to please yourself.  

It’s not that you are to forget yourself in the world, yet when you actually encompass the whole Universe, you understand that in service to others is how you do serve yourself.

By not always putting yourself first, it isn’t that you erase yourself, not by a long shot, yet you can no longer put yourself routinely before others. Your perceived needs just aren’t so important any longer. In any case, filling your needs to even the brim, does not satisfy, for I made you greater than that. You don’t have to come first.

You have a greater Self. Nor are you to think that self-abasement is your choice. Self-abasement often includes putting yourself first in a more obsequious way. It is not that your consideration for the well-being of others makes you outstanding. It does not call attention to you. It does not make you noble. It makes you what I designed you to be.

Ultimately, you are to serve Me. You are not so exclusive that you can by-pass others without a thought. Serving the well-being of all is also serving Me. Just have the awareness lightly in your sight that your individual personage does not have to come first. You just aren’t so self-serving any longer. Now you have access to greater than your individual self.

Do not think for one moment that I ask you to be the patsy for the world. Ultimately, you are the stimulator of the world. You are on the forefront.

Through your open heart, you open up the world, and love, which is the natural precursor of the world, soars and brings you to your senses. This is how you live love. You do not proclaim. You live love. There is no big arrow that points to you. The arrow of love goes out from you. Ultimately, the arrow reaches Me, and from Me, it rebounds, and love is on the move and a fact of life.

Love and its inherent caring for all is the rule of love. This is how love manifests, and you manifest it. There is no fanfare, yet there is a steadiness of intent and purpose. A sign flashes before you:

“To live for yourself alone is not living. It is self-serving. You are to uplift the world. This is how you uplift yourself. This is how you grow. This is realism. The world and everyone in it is entwined. You become real, for this awareness moves you to greater heights in your life.”

You recognize that once you were self-directed. You were about yourself. Your vision of life was ego, and ego was natural to you. And then, you looked again, and you came to see ego in a different light. You came to see that ego is not you but a lesser representation of you. Lesser does not interest you as it once did. Your horizon widens, and you begin to grow.

Connecting only to your individual self keeps you stultified. You are to be viable in the world. You are to run through it with more than a nod to others. Others come with you, and you help to make their ride comfortable. You come to so-called others, not as a white knight, but as a simple human being who offers his hand and leaves inspiration in his wake.

A little bit like a Superman out of uniform. You do not behave in a way that calls attention to a lesser you. Attention on yourself is not a main feature of your life any longer. Your loyalty to Me makes life a little better for everyone, and so you lift yourself. All this is your salute to Me.

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