Gaia’s Ascending With Us – Part 1/2

Credit: Natural Pantheist

Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

We aren’t the only ones who are ascending in this potent and transformative time – the planet we’re blessed to live on is also experiencing an ascension from the third dimension to the fifth.

Some channeled sources have told us that Gaia’s already completed her ascension process and waits for her surface to catch up, but whether or not she’s already ascended, she’s experiencing this process right along with us.

I think we should love, respect and nurture Gaia far more than we have, and it goes without saying that all of the destruction and mayhem humanity feeds will need to come to an end.

We need to stop polluting our planet if we want to help her (or ourselves) ascend, and even though most of humanity wouldn’t be open to what I’m about to say, we can actually communicate with Gaia in our minds and hearts if we want.

Is it difficult to believe that we can connect with the spirit of the earth and receive a wealth of flowing advice and guidance related to our individual and collective ascension paths? We certainly can, but like anything else, our beliefs and what we choose to accept as reality will become reality.

If we believe we can telepathically communicate with the spirit of our evolving earth, then we will. In a lot of ways, we simply have to embrace this idea to experience the flowing fruits of our belief.

Gaia’s experiencing a physical and spiritual ascension just like we are, and something tells me that the spirit of our planet actually strives to connect with each of her human cells so she can help us through our difficult but worthwhile ascension processes.

We’ll connect with Gaia in a realer and purer way when we’re back in the higher realms, but while we’re still in the third and fourth dimensions, we’ll have to rely on the greater abilities we’re just starting to access and hone if we want to communicate with her.

We might even be able to help her amidst her difficult ascension process, and one of the best (and most obvious) ways we can assist this process is to refuse to feed the pollution and destruction that plague her.

We don’t have to live like the rest of humanity, and we can go out of our way to integrate consciousness into our lifestyles and the manner in which we treat the planet that hosts our life.

Humanity’s pollution won’t cause us to experience any sort of chaotic extinction-level-event like some people think, but Gaia does have a lot of cleansing to do that could involve natural disasters.

The best thing we can do is send as much love as we can muster up in hopes that it mitigates any damage her necessary cleansing could cause, and communicating directly with her could help the whole process go smoother.

Grounding the greater energy we’re starting to feel into Gaia’s core is one of the best ways to assist with her ascension, the Arcturians through Suzanne Lie explain.

“This decision to consciously unite with your Galactic and/or Celestial energies, and to ground that expanded energy field in the body of Gaia is the first step towards assisting Gaia with Her Ascension. Remember, whatever Gaia’s Beings experience greatly affects the entire planet.

“Much of humanity has forgotten that Gaia is a living Being who has volunteered to be the ‘School for Ascension’ for your sector of space.” (1)

Gaia made certain ‘promises’ in the higher spheres, just like we did, that’ve proven difficult to live up to in the lower.

“Gaia, like yourselves, made promises from the higher dimensions of reality without realizing how extremely difficult it would be to carry out those promises in the lower frequencies of the physical plane. Furthermore, these promises were made long before Her planetary frequency dropped so severely after the destruction of Atlantis.” (2)

The Lightworkers, wanderers, starseeds, etc. incarnated on Gaia to help her live up to her promises and complete her ascension.

“Because of Gaia’s fall into the lower third dimension, the forces of darkness could take a strong hold on Her planet. To assist dear Gaia, your Galactic and Celestial Selves volunteered to take a form on Her body to assist in raising Her frequency.” (3)

Every creature on earth is experiencing physical/spiritual ascension, the Andromedan Council through Anna Merkaba tells us, and this includes the animals.

“Let it be known that the animal kingdom is going through the exact same allocation of powers and allocations of consciousness.

“And hence, those of you dwelling on Gaia have indeed noticed the expansion of consciousness, and the sudden change in the behavioral modalities of the animal kingdom. For the animal kingdom is expanding their consciousness as we speak.” (4)

If we want to ascend and help our planet do the same, we’ll have to recognize that we aren’t the only creatures on earth capable of embracing a higher consciousness.

“In order for humanity to integrate all that it is to be integrated into the newly-built society, each and every individual must understand that the experience of Gaia’s ascension involves every single conscious being dwelling therein.

“And so, to assist Gaia in fully raising her vibrations to a degree that most are waiting for, humanity must embrace and understand, that indeed, they are not the only ones who are capable of understanding, the Universal Laws of Creation, Manifestation, and Abundance.” (5)

It should go without saying that we’ll have to unite with the animal kingdom if we want to raise our vibration and ascend, and the sooner we realize this, the sooner we can cease mistreating and disrespecting this planet’s animals and let them live as they’re rightfully intended to.

Something tells me that the lower genetic habits of killing and eating other, fellow creatures that are common in humans and animals will fade as our collective vibration rises, and not only humans, but animals will cease eating one another when we can integrate the higher consciousness the Andromedans speak of.

We can start these wonderful genetic changes by putting down the meat and turning to healthy, wholesome fruits/veggies/nuts/oats/grains for the sustenance we seek, and even plants will soon be recognized for their higher consciousness and their potential to help mankind see the light.


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Concluded in Part 2 tomorrow.



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