Heavenletters via Gloria Wendroff: Stand Tall

Heavenletters: Stand Tall, Channeled through Gloria Wendroff, Heavenletters.org, October 5, 2014 – http://tinyurl.com/olfddhj

God said:

That you live on Earth is a blessing to Me and to you and the whole wide world. I am the Acme of Your Life. I am the Culmination, and you have Me right now arm in arm with you. I give you the Gift of Life. I sponsored you, and I sponsor you still.

How well I am aware of the matters that grind over and over in your mind and wear you out. You may treasure Me for the gifts I give you, yet you may not treasure Life Itself. You do not want to be so close to Life, so involved in it, so up and down in it like a peripatetic elevator. You are so caught up in the Stream of Life that you allow lesser matters to aggravate you to an extreme over and over again, do you not?

I hear you cry to Me:

“Dear God, would I learn that what has been done and not done right is not worth the aggravation I give to it. I would love to be free of aggravation, yet, apparently, I jump on the bandwagon of being upset. I often think: If only others would think ahead, all the grief there would not be.

“Of course, if only I had thought ahead. If only I had. Every time I am the culprit, God. Yes, if others had done thus and so, it would be better. Yes, if I had done thus and so, it would be better. I wouldn’t be aggravating now.

“I am in a slump. It must be that I need to sit up straight and make room in life for myself. I must stand tall. I don’t want to make myself an ant any longer climbing up and down these little hills of upset that I make so important.

“God, you have said it all. Appreciate all the good, and let go of what I don’t favor. So simple. Keep what gives happiness. Let go of what does not. Why do I keep niggling thoughts around? I toss them over my shoulder and lug them around with me. I open the duffel bag I keep them in often and examine the content like jewels. I pour over them again and again. I am like a miser of hard feelings rather than a miser of gold like King Midas. I keep nothing worth keeping in any sense of the word keeping. If only I could toss out all the dregs that run through my mind like rosary beads, one after the other.

“No longer will my allegiance be to all that is not worth keeping. I simply will focus on that which I do appreciate. May I savor the beautiful gifts You have given to me, God. That’s all I really have to do. Savor the fine linen and china and never mind anything else. You have given me enough good things to think about. God, if I could circumvent this one thing, how happy I would be.”

Beloved Child of My Heart, this is like procrastination in washing dishes and sweeping the floor, and concrete actions that clear the way for you. Get the dishes washed, dried, and put away, and cause for having them on your mind isn’t there. This is freedom from thoughts that ail you. Wash your thoughts and put them away. Sweep them clean.

This is simple subtraction. This is take-away. When you have beauty and completion before you, where is there any room for pondering and aggravating? If you must turn things over in your mind, turn over diamonds of thoughts and look at that which pleases you. Why not? Why not, indeed?


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