Steve Beckow: Three Stages of Ascension

Michael 23

Written by Steve Beckow, The Golden Age of Gaia, October 1, 2014 –

I need to review Archangel Michael’s recent remarks about Ascension. Because they’re important.

I think it works to have the clearest possible notion of what’s coming down the pike to avoid disappointment and discouragement.

We have enough on our plates. We’re all of us tired. Let’s get on with it already.

If you feel that way, let me review what he said here because it explains a lot about our future and may reassure you.

What I got from my discussions with him and the Divine Mother over the past weeks is that there seem to be three stages of Ascension.

First Stage

The first stage of Ascension is what AAM humorously calls “the snap” or “ignition.” I believe that’s the activation of our lightbodies. Turning on the light, so to speak.

It marks our entry into the Fifth Dimension – mass, physical Ascension as One. That is an historic event for Earth.

Ascension in our lightbodies is equivalent to your guests having entered your house and they’re taking off their coats in the vestibule. They’ve just arrived.

We’ll all have entered the vestibule of the Fifth Dimension together, to be received with great celebration, I’m sure.

Yes, we’ll have entered the Golden Age, but, no, we won’t be creating with thought. Using replicators perhaps. We’re in the vestibule, the first sub-plane of the Fifth.

Second Stage

The achievement of the higher stages comes in around 2017, as Matthew Ward intimated.

My model for this analysis is the subplanes of the Mental Plane on the other side of life. (1) Ascent there too is a gradual process similar to our Ascension.

As Archangel Michael explained it to me, there will be two advanced states of enlightenment we’ll pass through in 2017. They form the second and third stages of Ascension.

The second stage of Ascension occurs when the kundalini reaches the crown chakra. It’s called Brahmajnana or God Realization.

It’s being “halfway up the mountain.”  We arrive at the knowledge that “I am God.”

This marks our entry into the second sub-plane of the Fifth Dimension. But there’s more.

Third Stage

Shortly after comes Sahaja Samadhi, the energy doubling back on the heart to create a permanent heart opening, moksha or liberation. We now know that “God is everything.”

This is the third stage of our gradual Ascension. Let us call it the third sub-plane of the Fifth Dimension and it brings moksha.

It marks the completion of our journey of Ascension on Planet Earth. Job done. Throw our hats in the air.

Think of this as a road map of the three stages of Ascension, as related to me by Archangel Michael and the Divine Mother.

Why Know This?

Why know this? To ward off disappointment and discouragement when people find that we’ve entered the Fifth Dimension and they didn’t experience Sahaja Samadhi.

No, no, no, that comes later. Three more years for that.

We’re going up in a gradual manner so as not to wear out our physical bodies. We’re ascending together. And we’re approaching the first significant date. I have no idea what it’ll be like.

We’ve all done it many times before, but I can’t remember. (joke)

We’re here as the leaven in the loaf, waiters at the banquet of Ascension.

We’re already on the launchpad now, he said to me. We’re more or less underway. Life ahead is a series of events lasting from 2014 to 2017, in between which we build Nova Earth.

Use Your Imagination

To review: First our lightbodies are awakened. And then our Crown Chakra. And shortly after that we have a permanent heart opening and liberation.

All three are causes for celebration. It’s one majestic advance after another as we head home.

Can I say one last thing? All the work I’ve been doing lately on the imagination is tying in with things I’ve learned over the years (the file is being updated, the knowledge integrated).

And I’m feeling more and more drawn to saying to you: Just imagine the future. Just think about it. Craft it in your mind.

Because whatever you craft in your mind is what you’re being given and I’d say what you’re intended to build.

Creative thought is a Fifth-Dimensional use of the imagination. So use your imagination.

Imagine our lightbodies. Imagine moksha. Imagine Ascension.  Picture them in your mind.

By now I’m aboard the train to Sacramento, and then on to Tahoe.


(1) Start here:

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