The Creator Writings: Letting Go


The Creator Writings: Letting Go, Channeled through Jennifer Farley, The Creator Writings, September 19, 2014 –

It is time for change, my love.  Do not be dismayed at what you have to let go because there is something much grander on the horizon.  This is where the trust you have placed in The Universe comes into play.  As always, the way is being cleared for new gifts to arrive. ~ Creator


  1. Dear Wes and Company; I wanted to say, Thank You. The assurance was indeed rock-solid, it was comforting, and it brooked no arguments. I have my MO’s. And I know, without a whisper of fear, or doubt,
    where I go from here. ALL I ever wanted was my MO’s. Thank You, Hilarion, Michael(You are pure awesomeness, as is your sis!) and Voce. Guides and Angels, both heavenly , and earthbound, Love, Joy, and masses of Snoopydancing wishes, offered with a humble heart. I am so grateful for this, and for all of you. Blessings, grins, and virtual hugs. I’m meant to stay put with my family(they are the reason I’m here).
    Namaste, Brooke:)


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