Steve Beckow: Rising Love and Constant Change

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Written by Steve Beckow, The Golden Age of Gaia, September 15, 2014 –

You and I are involved in a process of constant change and the trend of the change is always upwards overall. At least these days.

The Tsunami is lifting us whether we see it or not, feel it or not.

But how do we proceed when all is changing?

Yesterday the longing for liberation exerted itself in a way that was totally overwhelming.  Ultimately, all longing is longing for God.

And so I meditated and finally just lay on my bed, listening to music and being with myself.  I found myself loving myself more and more (I hear a friend saying, “I told you so” and yes, you did and you were right).

I acknowledge that loving oneself, as far as I can see, is the key to Ascension. The Divine Mother and Archangel Michael have told us as much.

I went up to such a high place, I could say that I loved myself infinitely. Infinitely compared to how I love myself of a day.

I am not the same man I was yesterday and yet I’ve achieved nothing permanent. All spiritual experiences short of Sahaja Samadhi, the enlightenment of the deep Fifth Dimension, are temporary. They come and they go, unfortunately.

Today I walk around in a daze and all I can do is meditate. Everything else has to be put aside. What the Arcturians said through Suzanne Lie seems so pertinent to me:

“You will find that just as it once took effort to consciously experience the Fifth Dimension, it will become increasingly difficult to consciously experience the Third/Fourth Dimension. Even now, your consciousness may appear to be wandering off into what appears to be a trancelike state. This trancelike state feels so natural that you do not want to leave it.” (1)

The quandary that presented itself to me is: How are we to work together when one day we are in one place and the next day we are in a totally new and different place?

I could not keep my appointments. I wondered how I’d even do the same job I was doing the day before. The experience was more than discombobulating. It brought me to a complete standstill.

It’s fine to master change, but how do we master keeping to our roles and commitments? I don’t have the answer. I only have the question.

I’ve never been in a place of rising up Jacob’s Ladder of consciousness so rapidly. Well, not that I remember.

I’m left today with the memory of that experience. What a joy-filled memory that is!

Thank heavens, I wrote down even a bit of it. But I also have in the pit of my stomach a flame of love that’s burning. I’ve broken through … love has broken through … some shell, some band of constraint in my physical body and my will.


(1) The Arcturians through Sue Lie, Multidimensions, Aug. 21, 2014, at

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