Heavenletters via Gloria Wendroff: God Will Meet You There

Heavenletters: God Will Meet You There, Channeled through Gloria Wendroff, Heavenletters.org, September 14, 2014 – http://tinyurl.com/hletters

God said:

Come forth with new ideas. Ideas do issue forth from you. Ultimately, the ideas that sprout from humankind come from Me. At the same time, the credit is yours. Ideas are your children, as you are the instrument of their birth.

Be ready for new ideas. Actually, no preparation is needed. Just let ideas new to you arise. Welcome them. Nourish them. Ideas that sprout may be gold. You do not know what ideas of yours will flash across the screen of life and be materialized. You do not know ahead of time where an idea may lead. It may lead nowhere. Just the same, you don’t know what more ideas one idea of yours may spark. Nor do you know what ideas of yours may be born tomorrow and come to life before your eyes.

You do not know what ideas that issue from you may grow into. Stay open to ideas. A crazy idea may not be crazy. Sensible ideas are a dime a dozen. New ideas are waiting to alight on Earth. Welcome unheard-of new ideas. Find them out.

Every idea is waiting to be born. It needs a human being to birth it.

And one idea leads to another. Welcome new ideas. Be open to new ideas. Further them.

What is impossible today may become established tomorrow. That man could fly was once an absurdity. Today planes fly the airways, and no one thinks anything of it.

New thoughts alight. New thoughts fly to you. You cannot know ahead of time what is possible. Go beyond the possible. Venture into the field of the impossible. Ideas come on their own, yet you can bring them to fruition. Someone can. Someone will.

It is not exactly that you are ahead of your time. You are just trying to keep up with what is bound to come. Let your ideas be planted in fertile soil. Watch them grow.

It is not hard work to think of ideas. Ideas pop up without struggle. They pop up on their own. Now you pluck them, that’s all. You pluck ideas from the Sky Above and then see what you can do with them. Where do they fit? How can they fit? Where does one idea lead in its pursuit of another? All the while, ideas are right before you. Assimilate them. Ideas are not to be pushed away as if fruitless. Take a leap across a pond and see what is on the other side. Come back with what is on the other side. You are so close to discovery.

Think of something that has never been thought of before. You will be in good company. You will be someone who takes a departure into a World of Beginnings. Venture forth. Take a chance. The tried and true is not finality. There is more. There is greater. There is greater and greater. There are fields unmowed. There are hills to scale up, and hills to tumble down. Enter into the Adventure of Life.

On Earth, you may well not know where life is taking you. Nevertheless, you have a destination. I will lead you to it. It may be a needle in a haystack, yet I will meet you there. What a reunion of discovery We will have. You have an uncharted course before you, yet somewhere your destination has been marked on the wind, and the wind will remember.

You will be lead to your destination. You will lead yourself to it.

A new page will be ready to be turned. Knowingly or not, with or without awareness, you will turn to the new page. You will turn the page of yourself.

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