Steve Beckow: From Here to Eternity – Part 6

FreedomWritten by Steve Beckow, The Golden Age of Gaia, September 9, 2014

How We Rise in Consciousness

In this last part of this series, our sources tell us how to emerge from behind the veil and end our bondage to illusion.

What does awakening entail? “To awaken,” according to Saul, “is to lift the veil, disperse the mist, and leave behind the shadows to experience the glory of God’s divine Reality from which you have been hiding.” (1)

He advises us that letting go of our doubts and fears is what will have the veil lift.

“Let go of your doubts, of your worries, of your fears that suggest to you that maybe there is no God, no immortality, no divine Reality, because that is to support the unreality of the illusion which you are, with enormous help from those in other realms, in the process of vaporizing, dissolving, completely removing from your minds and memories by awakening.” (2)

He also reminds us that the more we take up the divine qualities, the thinner the veil becomes.

“And now the time has come for you to move on — to move up into the higher dimensions where your spirits shine out brilliantly through the beautiful Light with which God endowed you at the moment of your creation.

“Your divine nature is to shine, and even as you hide yourselves in the depths of the illusion that nature shines through when you think, speak, or behave lovingly, compassionately, or forgivingly.

“The more that you do so the brighter burns your Light, which is very clearly visible in the spiritual realms, and which those in the physical realms can sense, feel, and recognize as goodness and holiness, which provides them with a safe space in which they can find acceptance and comfort.” (3)

Archangel Michael makes the same point in slightly different terms: “The more rigid, fearful and resistant to change a person is, the more difficult the transition process will be for him/her.” (4)

The Arcturians through Sue Lie are among the few that mention the non-conductivity of the physical body and the necessity to repeatedly try, fail and heal our wounded parts to emerge from bondage.

“The physical body is very dense and of a very, very low frequency.  Therefore there has to be an ongoing repetitive process of moving up and falling down, and unconditionally loving, and healing the part that was wounded.  And so that with each repetition of the unconditional loving of the healing the body gradually adapts to higher and higher frequencies of Light.”  (5)

Simultaneously we’re downloading the higher vibrations that will activate the DNA that was shut down by the Annunaki, they say.

“In the same manner, you are also downloading the higher frequencies of light.  And the higher frequencies of light as you know are activating the DNA that was shut off from the Annanuki and that was shut off after Atlantis, for we realized that that much power would be very dangerous in the frequency to which your Gaia had fallen.

“And so that ability had to be lost and now it is being regained by us that have taken the form and because we are able to detach from the form, because we are able to feel the bliss on the other end of the spectrum, we have the power to go through this immensely painful process of wounding, healing, wounding, healing, wounding, healing, adapting, adapting, falling, forgiving, falling, forgiving, falling, forgiving.” (6)

On another occasion these same Arcturians tell us that the achievement of a balance between our male and female energies also contributes to the veil dissolving.

“This Mystical Marriage of your inner masculine and feminine energies opens your Third Eye and High Heart, which have been latent within your earth vessel since your birth. This opening then allows you to begin the gradual unveiling of the illusions of your third dimensional reality.

“With the opening of your Third Eye and High Heart, new brainwaves come online in your computer/brain that can access and utilize your Multidimensional Operating System.” (7)

Apparently, the veil can also be torn apart by an act of will, a stand of sufficient power to have us emerge from bondage, according to Ute Possega-Rudel’s sources.

“Tear apart the veil that keeps you in bondage. To do this, you need your all Will, your higher and united Heart Power.

“Arrive at the point, Beloveds, where you gather all your parts, where you focus all your intentions, where you rediscover all your powers to do that one act: to lift the veil, to break your chains, to allow to Be Who You Are!

“Follow your wildest heart-dreams of Freedom, of Love, of Joy and of Divine Play, My Beloveds! This is your birth right! The lowlands of your limitations and sufferings are not your obligations! Your One and Only Obligation is Divine Only.” (8)

Archangel Michael made this same point with me in a personal reading.

Steve: What determines when – the time at which the blindfolds come off?

Archangel Michael: It is a combination, but 90 percent of the factor is the individual.

S: And in what respect, Lord? The individual –

AAM: The individual deciding –


– that they have had enough.

S: I’ve had enough! [Laughs.]

AAM: And your blindfold is as thin as gauze.

S: [Laughing] Uh-hunh! (9)

Even the cabal – the reticent ones – will find their blindfolds falling away, the Great Divine Director tells us.

“For even the most intransigent of beings, the former ‘controllers’ of this planet,” the Great Divine Director tells us, the “self-imposed veils of forgetfulness … have been torn asunder and are swiftly dissolving.” (10)

With the removal of the veil, our true work begins, the Pleiadians tell us.

“With the dismantling of the veil, this diversity and its accompanying intricacies are being gradually revealed to you along with your memories, your contractual obligations, your origins and the true facts about your history.” (11)

To summarize, the physical body is so dense that it causes us to forget our true origins and be unable to love unconditionally.  What we forget is both our higher-dimensional lives as archangels, angels, and galactic masters and everything we knew in former lives. We give up this knowledge to constrain ourselves in the limited domain of this physical body.

And we do so to join with and in many cases lead terrestrial humanity in a gradual unveiling of our true Selves as we rise together in Ascension.

Previously we were not conscious enough to have handled the knowledge of our true origins but now, as the rising energies increase and expand us, we’re at the point of being able to receive and handle the knowledge responsibly.

The lifting of the veil will illuminate us with divine knowledge and restore to us our native abilities.

Advanced souls have allegedly been seeded among us to remind us of our origins and missions when we predictably lose our way in the density of the Third Dimension.

The frequency patterns for each level of consciousness have been stored in the mental body as light packets of wisdom. They were encased in membranes of Light or a veil which restricted access to the various higher dimensional awareness levels until we were, once again, resonating to that level of consciousness.

We may not all remove our veils at the same time and we may not all end up on the same dimension.  But all will ascend and be rid of the veils eventually.

The removal of the veils involves the letting go of fears and doubts, taking a stand for freedom, perfecting the divine qualities, downloading and accepting the higher energies, activating our dormant DNA, achieving balance between our inner male and female energies and asserting our right to freedom. After that our true work begins.


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