Heavenletters via Gloria Wendroff: It Is Natural for You to Be a Seeker

Heavenletters: “It Is Natural for You to Be a Seeker” Channeled through Gloria Wendroff, Heavenletters.org, September 8, 2014

God said:

What is meaningful to you? This is what you follow. This is what it means to follow your heart. You want to follow your deepest heart. Surface desires are one thing. Deep desires are another. And, then, you have to know, there are desires you follow that you are not yet conscious of. You have dreams that you don’t even know you have. Deep dreams as well as surface ones.
You may not have known you wanted Me, were seeking Me, and, suddenly, here I am, and you know instantly. You don’t understand how you didn’t know. Now you are astounded.
By whatever name I may go by in your town, you have been seeking Me which is the same as to say that you have been seeking yourself. You have wanted to become acquainted with yourself all this time, all the time you floundered. All the time you thought you were seeking something else, you were seeking Me. You have always been a seeker. You may have been a vague seeker, yet a seeker just the same.
And as much as you deliberately or haphazardly sought Me, now that you have found Me, you seek more and more of Me, and there is more and more of Me to be found. Your seeking stretches out into Infinity. If We, you and I, were two horses, We would be flying as One, neck and neck, flying over the concrete world, flying with the ease of angels, welcomed on every surface, the moon, the stars, in the innerness of the sun, and in the air and in the consciousness of the world.
You seek the sought, even when what you are seeking isn’t clear. You are a seeker. Your nature is to seek. Your nature is to become close to everything and to love everything as if it were your own. You own nothing, yet all is yours. All is for you. All is a rhapsody playing itself for you. You are the hearer. You are the heard. And it is you seeking to hear.
Now We come to it. There is nothing separate from you in the whole wide Universe. There is nothing separate from you anywhere. There is no where, no why, no when, no how, no time, no space. All that you know and all that you don’t know is within you. Nothing is hidden from you. You may not see it or hear it. You may have glossed over it like your glasses when you can’t find them. They’re there. They’re right there. But, of course, it is an inner seeing and hearing that We speak of.

You are the Big Bang. You are the Creator and the Created, and you are the distance between even as there is no distance between.
All of Creation is even more mysterious than you imagined, and all of Creation is also simpler than you imagined. What is simpler than One God? What is more mysterious than One God? And where does that leave you? It leaves you right with Me, the Original One in Whom you always were and are. Never have We been separated. Absolutely not. Only in your vision, only in your memory, in your memory for which there is no need because there is nothing but Oneness, for the past is an illusion.
All there is is Infinity, and here We are, here I AM, the One ensconced with you, My beloved, ensconced with you for all of Infinity in which I sail and of which you sing, yet the fact is that I am the Sailor and I am the Singer and there is no you at all. You dreamed a dream that you were separate and elsewhere. You are beginning to wake up from this dream. As you wake up, you dissolve within Me. This is a good place to be here with Me as One. And so it is.

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