The Collective via Caroline Oceana Ryan: A Message to Lightworkers – September 4, 2014

Channeled through Caroline Oceana Ryan, September 4, 2014

The latest guidance on the Ascension path, from our friends, the fifth- and sixth-dimensional beings known as the Collective.

Greetings, dear ones! We know you are laboring under a great many taxing and unusually strong energies during this moon cycle.

And we honor your journeys and your belief in a great time, which is now unfolding, though its many manifestations are not yet completely apparent to you.

We honor your belief in NESARA law—its content and its enactment, and we know and trust in your ability to live out its Divine Providence in terms of government, currencies revalued, societies restructured, histories told (the truth, this time), and many “myths” uncovered and decoded, as they relate to actual occurrences in Earth’s history and cosmic Ascension.

We also believe. We believe in the Ascension of those persons upon the Earth who are choosing a higher way, and honor their path.

We wish to shed some light on the situations now facing your world, some of which appear dire and filled with violent intent, and others which appear hopeful, as portents of peace.

There are great changes afoot. You have doubtless read many channelings which speak of impending changes in government and finance, particularly, and these are not mere hopeful mutterings, but actual descriptions in many cases, of what is transpiring.

For one, there are legions of angels now concentrating the energies of Peace, Light and Prosperity upon the planet, and this is shifting many things at once.

We in the Galactic Federation are also concentrating those energies, but Angelic energies are of a particularly high and as you might say, other-worldly vibration. Their work and the results it brings cannot be underestimated.

This is occurring in line with numerous prophecies uttered throughout the Cosmos over several million years, and is a sign of Earth’s Ascension and resultant joining of the galactic civilizations, in conscious fashion.

In order for that to take place, you must of course ascend to the fifth dimension, which is the lowest dimension permitted for participation in intergalactic community. This is one reason why our communications with you, as you have lived in the third dimension, have been sporadic and extremely limited.

For though many knew this time was coming, we could not “nudge” it into place with communications (“contact” as you call it) occurring in defiance of Universal Law, which did and does not permit interference with lower vibrational civilizations and planets.

There have been visionaries and peacemakers, rare persons (avatars of higher-level souls such as Sananda and others) who chose to come to Earth in the attempt to encourage Ascension in earlier ages. But there success was not assured, and could not be birthed before its time.

That time is Now. And indeed, all times are “now,” but this era is “now” in the sense that you on Earth mean it to be.

The time for Ascension, and all that shall precede it—full ET contact (with benevolent, ascended beings), full disclosure on the part of Earth’s governments, full enactment of NESARA Law in every country, and the Ascension of Lightworkers, who have all incarnated many times in various dimensions and planets, and whose backgrounds and abilities were particularly needed for the awakening being experienced by Earth’s peoples at this time.

And so yes, you will hear and see in your mainstream news reports, many forms of destruction and much hatred, suspicion, terrified reaction and loss of hope.

Believe none of this—it is the foolish, last-ditch effort of a failed regime. They are, in their bitterness over the loss of their positions of power (permanent this time), wishing to “take down as many of them as we can.”

They are failing on many levels. For several years, your US President has blocked numerous attempts by the cabal (as you call them) to start World War III, which will never occur, and he is continuing to do so.

Your so-called “alternative” news media is reporting some of the facts—the indictment of some officials in the US and Europe particularly, and the attempted murder of the former FBI director, among other events.

It is seeing behind the mask, to understand where the funding is truly coming from for these “terrorist” groups who are “worse than” this group or that, as if to promise something worse than the shock you all endured 13 years ago.

But even the alternative media cannot see the full picture, which is happening behind the scenes. And those within that world, who do see behind the scenes, cannot fully report what they know, on pain of death by the old regime. (A closed door that shall not remain closed very much longer.)

For one, there are numerous persons in government preparing for a New Society, the structure of which will be based on free energy, humane and Divine governance, metal-backed currencies (in anticipation of a time when no currencies are needed), a world without borders, and without weapons—including the instituting of zero point energy—and freedom and equality for all persons.

Yes, much of this was to have been enacted when the United States was created more than 200 years ago. St. Germaine was instrumental in creating much of the language in your independence documents, and birthed many of the ideas behind those beliefs.

But it was not yet time, astrologically or in terms of the age in which you live, for that to fully occur.

For another, the energies in this Universe are somewhat reaching a “boiling point,” not in a destructive sense, but in the sense of increased Light traveling to and through your planet. Your sun’s energies are shifting daily, and you are the recipients of this new and much higher Light form which he is sharing with you.

You as Lightworkers are also nightly (while your bodies sleep) etherically taking part in the building of a new crystalline structure for the Earth.

Some of this involves “waking” and drawing upon the energies and information long ago locked within the great crystals within Earth’s core.

(There is a core, though not in the sense in which you were taught as children, which covered up the truth of the existence of Inner Earth.)

These crystals speak now to all of humankind, to ready you for your next great adventure. Some will be removing to the Earth that will remain in the third dimension for a period of time.

Others, including most of those reading this now, will rise with the “version” of Earth that is to exist in Her new fifth-dimensional Ascended form.

All of this is further amplified by the concentration of higher energies being brought to Earth’s atmosphere by these encircling and energy-transmuting Angelic Beings, who are aiding you in this next vital step.

So we would urge you now to avoid the “bad news” as you call it. Avoid being dragged down to the old vibrations of hopelessness, sadness and despair.

For they are all an illusion. The truth is that you are all Becoming—becoming Light, becoming Galactic friends and intergalactic citizens.

Becoming free, finally, after millions of years of deception and despair. Free of the illusion that is the third-dimensional form.

And we welcome you, and we cheer and join you in rejoicing. For you are coming Home to us at last, and will not be lost ever again.

Namaste! We are ever with you all.

Copyright 2014, Caroline Oceana Ryan
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