Steve Beckow: From Here to Eternity – Part 1

OOBEWritten by Steve Beckow, The Golden Age of Gaia, September 4, 2014

We lightworkers or the Company of Heaven often talk about the Third Dimension as being dense. We talk of carrying or dragging our bodies around. We say we cannot hold love or it isn’t easy to forgive.

What does it mean to say that the Third Dimension, which we’re rapidly leaving behind, is dense? In this series I’d like to look at its density, which we often refer to as a “veil” or “blinkers” that we wear that impedes access to all the higher-dimensional qualities that we brought with us.

I’d like to spend this first article discussing an out-of-body experience I had in 1979 because that experience brought home clearly to me the density of this physical body.

Perhaps three years earlier, I had completed a three-month resident fellowship at Cold Mountain Institute and I had come back from a trip to India.

During those years I was having lots of spiritual experiences – transformational moments, visions, the sight of Indian holy men performing miracles, etc.

One night I awoke in the midst of a spiritual experience – a lucid dream. I was on the astral plane and I was watching a group of men be mean to a friend of mine whom I had known at Cold Mountain.

I was shouting at them to stop being mean to him. At some point I was so distressed by what I was watching that I burst out crying.

It’s a law on the other side that, if a person cannot tolerate a condition on one subplane of existence, he or she must go a lower subplane and remain there until whatever work is needed has been completed.

If you’re outside your body, the lower subplane is your body on the Third Dimension or physical plane.

So I felt myself falling backwards through space, as if someone were pulling my string (or silver cord).

I felt myself go swoosh, into what felt to me like a wet suit. I tapped on the hard, India-rubber walls of the container I was in and realized that I was tapping against my arms, from the inside.

Now I was still wailing from what I had seen. But then gradually my consciousness soaked through to the other side. And when I found my consciousness looking out through the body, when I experienced the world of Third Dimensionality, the wail became a whimper.

What did that say to me?

Well, the spirit (or astral) body is way softer than the finest down at the base off a feather.  The physical body that we drag around is as hard as a lacrosse ball – a lacrosse ball doesn’t even bounce, it’s so dense.

I went from wailing in the spirit body to whimpering in the physical body. Try doing that yourself – go from wailing to whimpering – and you may get the difference between the experience of the spirit body unhindered and hindered by the physical body.

Very little and very few of our real emotions get through the walls of this non-conducting physical body.  I call it a “contrarium.” It opposes and resists the experiences that are sublime and native to our higher bodies. And this is a big part of the density and a major component of what we think of as a “veil.” And it’s so powerful a contrarium that incarnated archangels and elohim can forget themselves and make mistakes.

I discussed the matter twice with Archangel Michael. The first was on self-forgetfulness:

Steve Beckow:  Well, how about this case, Lord? I know incarnated seraphim; I know incarnated elohims. And yet they are in this human body, and it places limitations on them. I so often have such trouble with that, that the human body can be so non-conductive a material that it can hold, say, even a seraphim or an elohim back from remembering.

If I was writing a children’s comic book and I illustrated a seraphim or an elohim being in incarnation, I would paint them as being elegant and graceful and all-knowing and all the rest of it. But this doesn’t necessarily turn out to be the case. They have the same problems remembering that so many other people do. Am I correct in saying that?

Archangel Michael:  You are correct in saying that until they break through. And when they break through, there is no stopping them.

SB:  And they can break through while in the human body?

AAM:  That is correct. (1)

And the second is on the matter of mistakes made while incarnated:

Steve Beckow:  I know one elohim who is incarnated [who has made] mistakes. So, again, this human body is such a powerful contrarium.

Archangel Michael:  … Can an [incarnated] archangel or an elohim make a mistake, and experience what it is to be human? Most certainly. (2)

The difference between the spirit body and the physical body is comparable to the difference between the physical body and a tank. I often illustrate that difference by pounding on my arm or on my body when speaking to someone, as if to say “This is a block of concrete.”

When I saw the contrast between the two bodies, I knew right away I was in for it.

I knew that I must spend the rest of my life in an experience that would be equivalent to walking through sludge, pulling a cart through heavy mud, feeling very little, knowing very little, etc. Mr. Magoo, with the emphasis on the goo.

As you can imagine, I could never forget the feeling of life in that gossamer spirit body. Yes, the emotions run freely and that can be a problem for a while, but there is no sense of constriction, no heaviness or denseness.  (3)

I also can never forget the comparison between that spirit body and the physical body. Talk about wanting to go home. But no, I had a job to do and so, it was time to climb back into the wet suit, and jump back into the cold, dark ocean.

We often hear that love is hard in Third Dimensionality.  Sue Lie’s Arcturians once said that the “feeling of unconditional love is something that does not arise from the physical plane at all.” (4)

I can so imagine that. Picture yourself pulling a heavy cart through goo and someone asks you if you love them.  That’d be the last thing on your mind, right? The density of the Third-Dimensional vibrations is viscous and it makes us sluggish in every way.

It doesn’t flow enough to allow love any real room or any good start from the starting gate. That’s the old Third, which we’re leaving behind.

So with that introduction, I’d like to look at such matters as Third Density, the human body, the veil we wear, and how we escape it. We will travel from here, in this Third Dimension that is rapidly disintegrating, to the eternity of the infinite Fifth-Dimensional moment. And eternity may not be that far off.


(1) “Archangel Michael: Back to the One with the Speed of Love,” July 16, 2013, at

(2) Loc. cit.

(3)  Some day I’ll write about how the fear of death falls away as well when you realize you are not the physical body, but that’s another story.

(4) “Suzanne Lie and the Arcturians on Heavenly Blessings,” July 2, 2013, Part 2/3 at

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