Elizabeth Ayres Escher: On Evolution and Revolution

Above the Imnaha

Written by Elizabeth Ayres, Escher, Blue Dragon Journal, September 1, 2014

Lord, I almost dread asking whether or not I should share another past life… but my Family are anything but subtle these days.  Loving, but not subtle.

Another one… Marquis de La Fayette… yes, the young French cavalier who assisted the American forces, despite being forbidden to do so by his king, Louis XVI.  I will spare you the details as his life is well documented.

Freedom as I said in a prior message runs in the blood.

So when others speak of freedom and yet kill, maim and destroy counties, I know that they do not speak the Truth that I have learned through the ages:  War is not the way to achieve peace and freedom.

Interesting that most of my male lives have been ones filled with war and strife.  I trust I have succeeded in learning the lessons that my Soul has put out for me to digest.

My people, of Venus and the Pleiades, long ago put war behind us.  It is one reason we do not seek to invade YOUR world, but to allow change from within to occur organically.  We could easily overcome any technology that you could bring to bear against our forces, yet we will NOT do this thing, for to do so would break the vows that we gave hundreds of thousands of years ago to the Creator.  And that we will not do for anyone.  We come in Peace.

When each of you has peace within your hearts; when you have released all need to punish and beat others into submission to your will and begin to heed the Will of God, then we will walk among you as equals, as brothers and sisters.

Until then, learn your lessons well, each one.  You are all here for a reason and until you discern the reason, the lessons and tests will continue.

Many blessings,

I AM Tazjima

All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher, http://www.bluedragonjournal.com

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