Kathleen W – Mother Mary: The Tsunami of Love Intensified

mothermary4Written by Kathleen W, The Golden Age of Gaia, August 27, 2014

On Heavenly Blessings, Tuesday, August 26, 2014 (1), Universal Mother Mary spoke to us about another intensification of the Tsunami of Love. Personally and globally more of our old residue is being energetically washed away.

Speaking strongly of our need to be firmly anchored in our bodies, to nurture ourselves as deeply as we possibly can, and to be in the fullness of sacred union with ourselves, she said now is the time to Love ourselves, not tomorrow or next week but right now:

“I wish you to know more deeply, more profoundly, more thoroughly about Love.”

Understanding that Love is the energy of all, we can simply be Love. This is not something we need to work at. We are born Love. Our essence is Love.

Mother Mary wishes us to know, live and accept that we are her Divine daughters and sons, loved beyond measure. We are co-creators and perfect, masters upon this planet, entrusted with the physical anchoring of Love, and the re-gridding, re-patterning, re-construction of Earth.

In this latest phase of the Tsunami of Love, the Mother is scrubbing us deeply, washing away ancient false grids, all timelines and very ancient archetypal experiences that have been anchored not only upon Gaia but in this universe.

She would like us to let the higher realms help us, and to know that we are helped every instant of every day. We are to ride the Wave simply holding on to the Love, putting aside all the tools.

In the midst of this perfect storm, we need only wrap up in the Mother’s blue velvet cloak of Love, allowing her to fill us and simply know we are Loved, and  that there is purpose to the clearing.

The purpose of the Tsunami is to wash away the pain and the memory of the pain of our personal human experiences. We are to surrender and let the pain flow through us, out of us — it may be vomiting, sweating, tears, diarrhea — just to let it come and go.

What are we to surrender to? Surrender to our freedom, to our beauty, the brilliance and the might of who we are. She is activating us saying our vision will clear when we accept our magnificence, and we will see we are limitless creators.

We are to cherish our physical bodies, our selves, body, mind, spirit, practically and daily. Nurturing ourselves in form, tangibly anchoring this Love of self is as simple as painting our nails, buying a new pillow, drinking plenty of water, eating fruits and vegetables to ensure our electrolytes are in balance, finding like-minded souls to be with or taking a bath.

Love begins with forgiveness of self and laughter, to laugh and see the humour through the pain, at the “scenic detours” of our human experience, to see our wisdom and our courage. Do not give up, she says. We are worth loving and we are worth Love more than we can ever imagine.

As the Tsunami intensifies, washing the planet, the Mother entreats us to allow the Love to grow in union with our sacred selves, and then to flow from us, to everyone upon Gaia.


(1) To listen to the radio show:

The Tsunami of Love meditation link is here.

Linda Dillon and the Annual Council of Love Gathering in the Fall of 2014
Oct. 3-5, in Lake Tahoe, California, please look  here.

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