The Lighted Ones via Andrew Martin: Choose to Refill Your Cup With Love

The Lighted Ones: “Choose to Refill Your Cup With Love” Channeled through Andrew Martin, The Lighted Ones, August 25, 2014

Greetings Dear Ones,

Today we wish to draw your attention to something wonderful that is happening within you.

Over the past few years, you have done such important work and have made magnificent progress in the clearing and releasing of old ideas, thoughts, patterns and beliefs. The energies that are associated with these old ways have in turn been transformed into higher frequency expressions of Love and Light.

As these transformations continue, you see that they become easier to accomplish as your ability to express from the Heart and move out of the old ways becomes greater. You have now begun to experience in your “real time” the benefit of living and creating from your Heart space.

As the manifestations of that which you have longed for and dreamed of move into your Now Moments with greater ease and flow, you may also notice a new sense of emptiness as you leave old patterns and ideas behind.

We remind you that the ego and the rational mind are only ever able to define themselves via separation and as each one of you, and in turn the collective, move into Unity consciousness, the dissolution of limiting patterns and beliefs will, for a time, create a vacuum within you that your rational and logical mind may find uncomfortable.

The sense of being untethered by that which used to define you from an egoic standpoint may send your minds into a tailspin. As you have come to know, when the ego and the rational mind encounter something previously unknown, it will without fail trigger a flight or fight response as a means of protection from this new experience.

Through the eyes of Love and Compassion, you can recognize that this is only the ego doing that which it has always, loyally and precisely done. In your Hearts you know that there is nothing to fear just as you have learned that when you exhale, there is no need for panic in wondering if there will be an inhale that follows. You may consider that these are akin to energetic or spiritual growing pains, but are no cause for alarm.

Consider that you have been sipping upon something that at one time was delicious and satisfying, but as your tastes have changed, you no longer find the old liquid palatable. As many of you empty your cup and begin to choose something new that now fits with your expanded preferences, your patterns of habit created by the logical and rational mind taking their orders from the ego, may tell you to go back to that which you already know.

However, when you trust your instinct and intuition, you connect with that knowing which lovingly reminds you that the old tastes no longer satisfy you and that there is something much more enjoyable available to you. This is similar to what you are experiencing now.

You have gotten much more adept at standing in and creating from Love, Light and Universal Truth, but the old ways of fear and separation are still something that are seen as options by the ego and the rational mind.

When you choose to lovingly observe the ego’s tendency to choose that which it has always chosen and yet still choose Love and Integrity, you integrate the power of your choice and continue to evolve and move up in your frequency. As always, the Law of Free Will says you may choose to fill your cup with whatever you desire, yet as we have said before, once you have awakened, you can never go back to sleep.

Once the Light has been turned on, the choice to go back to darkness will only be seen as the futile illusion that it is. For even darkness is only a measurement of Light and as we have spoken of before, when you have accepted the realization that everything is an aspect of The Divine and therefore the Light, you see the joy of choosing to hold steady in the Light. We speak, as always, in metaphors and analogies, Dear Ones…but our point is simple.

When you are at the point that many of you are now…the point in between the inhale and the exhale, the point in between the emptiness and the expansion…choose to refill your cup with that which you know to be true. Choose to refill it with Love and Joy and Compassion and Light. Allow yourself to be nourished by the nectar of the higher frequencies. Understand that even those upon your planet who are still grappling with the process of their awakening, will eventually gain a level of understanding that will enable them to choose to embrace the Light too.

Many of you at one point needed to be reminded of your old, limiting, patterns by being given the freedom to choose them again and again until you saw them for what they were. So many people are now at that point, and the best thing you can do for them is to choose to align with Love and Light and to hold those energies as steady as you can so that you can continue to be the beacon for others as they begin to seek out a new way of creating and living.

It is not your responsibility to make the choice for others, yet you can continue to be an example of the beauty that unfolds when Love and Light are chosen. Have compassion for the turmoil that others are experiencing through their choice to identify with fear and separation but do not waver from your path of Unity and Love. Know that they must experience their own path until they find the clearing that allows them to see the beacon of Light which so many of you now hold.

In Love and Light we leave you.



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