Steve Beckow: These are Unprecedented Times. Will We Find Ourselves Saying Yes More?

Cities of Light

Written by Steve Beckow, The Golden Age of Gaia, August 25, 2014

Photo: Cities of Light! Yes!

I have a request to make. I request that anyone who wants to, consider keeping a journal or diary, recording the number of times you say “yes” and the number of times you say “no” to matters that arise from here on in. Describe the situation and record your reasons.

I think, if we do, it’ll serve a number of purposes and show us a number of things.

One purpose is this: I believe we’re going to be called upon to relate what happened for us in this Ascension. Ours is the first Ascension in the universe in the current wave. It’s the first physical Ascension and mass Ascension. We’ve been told many times that other civilizations will want to know our experience.

We might as well have a record of it. And watching the gradual shift from “no” to “yes” may be one very good way to track the shift.

The “yes” column will undoubtedly get longer and longer and the “no” column shorter and shorter.  I can’t see how it could be otherwise.

These are unprecedented times. There’s increasingly more to say “yes” to: the Tsunami of Love, the Reval, Ascension, Disclosure, Cities of Light….

There’ll continue to be things we say “no” to: the depredations of the Illuminati, war in the world, discrimination and persecution. But all that should disappear.

Look for the barriers to saying “yes”: a love of drama, a belief that life isn’t worth living, a feeling of despair, whatever it may be.

We as a global society are shifting from “no” to “yes.”  We’re shifting from rejection to acceptance, from fear to hope, from hatred to love. And what better way to see the contours of the process than to record the daily changes in our responses to life?

Why can we not be working out? It beats waiting. Why can life itself not be a workshop? Why can our lives not be the experiment?

It’d be such a shame to let these unprecedented times go by without remembering what happened in them when we come to recall things later.

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