The Collective via Caroline Oceana Ryan: A Message to Lightworkers

The Collective: “A Message to Lightworkers” Channeled through Caroline Oceana Ryan, August 19, 2014 –

The latest message for Lightworkers on the Ascension path, from the group of fifth- and sixth-dimensional beings known as the Collective, onboard Ashtar’s ship, the New Jerusalem.

CR: My friends, two deaths have disturbed millions of people lately—that of a beloved actor by his own hand, and that of an innocent young man headed for college, by police brutality. How are we meant to deal with this?

Namaste! We are pleased to be able to speak with you again, and greet you all from your varying levels of sadness, elation at the coming changes upon the Earth, and confusion regarding these latest events—perhaps for many, a combination of all of that, in addition to continuing shifts in your own lives on every level.

There are indeed many changes taking place.

And be aware that in these quickly changing, astounding times of unprecedented Ascension of both a planet and Her people, of the many who have chosen to be upon the Earth now, some may intend to leave sooner than some others.

This is not a mistake, a cruel twist of fate as humans say, nor is it a complete disaster or tragic loss.

For there is no loss, my friends. There cannot be.

All of Energy everywhere in this Universe can only be transmuted—changed in form or degrees of vibration. It cannot be lost.

And so when you think of Loss (capital L, due to its terrible connotations) you grieve as if the thing or the one you loved is gone forever. Yet we know this cannot be, as you are all evolving at every moment.

How would it be if I asked you (I, because we many speak as One), “Please cease all growth and forward movement. Please do not ever again move forward in your understanding of anything. Please grow no older or younger (both are possible) and please never change a thing about yourself, in any way at all. It is too distressing for me.”

You would be shocked at that request, and say perhaps, “How am I to live? For all living things must constantly change! Even that which is apparently in the throes of physical death, changes! Its matter decomposes and returns to the Earth, and then it becomes something new—a beautiful tree or a flower and in time, an animal or human. Don’t ask me not to change! How could you love me and not allow me to change?”

And so here we have our conundrum.

For if there is one thing humanity drags its feet toward accepting, it is the notion that change is positive, not unsettling and sad.

For you cannot now transform and evolve into your Lightbodies without profound change.

Nor can your consciousness reach the higher levels without your taking on a whole new level of Light, wisdom, and higher vibration—and yes, of Love.

These two fine men—both of them Lightworkers, each in his own way—are not lost to you at all.

They are with you at every moment, seeking to give comfort to those they left behind. Seeking to inspire and encourage, to bring increasing levels of Light to your lives, all of you.

Though Michael was quite young he had a great purpose to achieve.

And yes, though it seems cruel beyond measure, much of that purpose was achieved through his physical dying, even more in some ways than in his physical living.

This is not a new moment in human history, the loss of physical life that then spurs on many thousands, even millions to recognize the drastic need for a raising of mass consciousness, increased levels of respect for others, and what you term “justice” (which is generally just the thing you prefer to happen).

And increased vibration in terms of how you view your society and the structures of authority that once appeared to hold it up and hold it together—they now no longer do either of those things successfully. They are a passing paradigm.

Michael’s release from this life—have no fear, he is now ascending to great heights, and will continue to do so, while still aware of, connected to and in love with those he left here on Earth—had little to do with racial politics.

It has far more to do with his desire on a soul level to nudge people, on a very deep and significant level, into the realization that internal freedom is the state to aspire to, and not only external freedom.

For one can ascend to all manner of external freedom, personal expression, outer wealth and accomplishment, individually or as a people, and still be stuck in an inner paradigm which holds one hostage.

Sometimes, an entire race or culture is held hostage in the prison cells of limitation, self-doubt, fear, bitterness, desire for revenge, envy, insecurity, and all manner of low emotional vibrational states.

This is the norm for many on your planet, but it is time now to move on from that low vibration, to resonate at a far higher level.

Michael was aware of this on a soul level, as are most of the members of his family and many in his community, on a soul level.

The connection now needs to be made, between their souls and their Earthly consciousness.

That alone will release them from their grief, out of profound respect for this bright Light’s purpose on Earth.

You have heard from some corners of information that the archontic activity was particularly strong during Robin Williams’ physical death.

And though the machinations of those unfortunate creatures (we need not discuss them in detail, as they at every moment lose more of their “power” over humanity and Earth) can indeed sit visibly with sensitive folk in destructive ways, still—the soul chooses when to bring the part of Itself living upon the Earth back into the totality of its construct.

And so despite Robin passing (physically) in such a pained and painful way which appears utterly tragic and horrible, yet there is great beauty and grace in his inwardly knowing that he was done here, and that it was time to return Home.

You each of you choose the moment of your death, whether consciously or unconsciously, according to your soul’s blueprint for this Earth life.

And so the changes you would ask that we allow you, are those we request that you allow the ones you love—all of them, whether personally known to you or only known through the media.

We ask that you respect all paths, that you believe in the sacred paths of all souls, that you understand that there is no loss, even to the child losing its mother.

For the way of the soul is toward the Light.

Toward wholeness and beauty. Toward greater Love than is yet even slightly imagined by your Earthly consciousness, though you daily move forward, as you Ascend, into higher levels of such.

And so how much Love can you hold for these two fine men who came among you to Love and spread Light, joy and Truth? How much Love and respect can you show?

Exactly as you would wish another to show your own soul path. For that which is sacred in this Universe is sacred to your souls.

And we bow to these, and we thank them for their profound gifts, and we know that on the highest level, you have already done the same.

Namaste! We are with you.

Copyright 2014, Caroline Oceana Ryan

If you have one or more personal questions you would like to ask the Collective, just go to and I will channel their answer(s) for you.

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