Steve Beckow: The Reinvention of the Law – Part 2

IlluminatiWritten by Steve Beckow, The Golden Age of Gaia, August 18, 2014

The Dark Agreed to Their Roles

In looking at how the Company of Heaven are protecting us from the depredations of the dark Ones, we may wish to remember at the outset that they agreed to play their roles. Why? Says Matthew Ward:

“In all … cases, the participants wanted to exemplify to your world the horrors of war or the tragic effects of racial, ethnic or religious prejudice, or the cruelty of unfair laws.” (1)

Unfortunately, he continues,  their “greed and control got way beyond their soul-level agreements, which was to serve in powerful positions to balance their own and a multitude of others’ chosen karmic experiencing.” (2)

The original intention was for them to shift at the appropriate moment. But that did not happen.

“At the point when that had been accomplished and the collective karma had been satisfied, the intensity of greed and control in the Illuminati members was to have quickly reversed into the equitable sharing of their resources and power.

“For some time, with full knowing of their soul-level agreements and the consequences of not abiding by those, the most powerful members of this group have refused to follow the agreements.

“Rather, this hard-core few intend to continue their amassing of the planet’s resources and suppression of entire nations.” (3)

They were told that ignoring their soul agreements would not be allowed.

“They have been told that they will not be able to do this, but they are deaf and blind to all urging of the light, and in their intention to SaLuSa, Jan. 31, 2011. nothing, they are using every possible means to keep lower-level members of the group fighting for this as well.” (4)

Of those who did abandon their dark ways, many were killed.

“Of those who turned to the light in accordance with their soul contracts, some have been assassinated. Family members have been killed as a warning to those in positions of influence where they still are needed by the top leaders. In the more weak-willed members, bribery is a successful tool because greed is in the hearts of all Illuminati. Threats of exposing embarrassing information about personal lives is another common control method.” (5)

Moreover, many of the top leaders of the Illuminati are reptilian and continue a conflict that is happening at a galactic level (Please note: Not all Reptilians are dark, just as not all humans are).

“Now, above the Earth human Illuminati top level are the dark souls of the reptilian civilization, some of whom are embodied as humans and living on the planet. They are working in conjunction with their dark reptilian brothers off-planet, whose goal is total domination of Earth, if not by absolute control, then absolute destruction.

“The light forces of the universe, including reptilians, are in confrontation with the darkness of any civilization. What is happening on your planet is a reflection of the universal conflict, and regardless of universal progress, your beloved Earth will be freed from the clutches of darkness as she rises farther into higher vibrations where love reigns overall. (6)

The Dark is Answerable to Universal Law

As we turn to look at how the dark will fare, we need to remember, as SaLuSa reminds us, that “the dark Ones are answerable to Universal Law exactly as you are, and like you when in duality are allowed to experience through their freewill choice.”

“Of course they are also subject to your laws, but by the very nature of their rejection of them and the power they hold, they feel above the law. However, as you will know by now every soul is answerable at some stage for every action and even thought that intended to harm or cause the death of another soul. It is why we ask you to bear this in mind when the dark Ones are called to justice, and stand for their crimes against Humanity.”  (7)

SaLuSa reminds us as well that “the Laws of the Universe are sacred and apply all through it, and we are those who will make certain that they are carried out.” (8) We’ll look in a minute how the galactics have been proceeding with bringing the Illuminati to justice.

The galactics are capable of following all the moves the Illuminati make, he says.

“Nothing escapes our notice, and there are no hiding places that the Illuminati and their minions can use to avoid their fate. They have been offered a way out if they resign, but that does not mean they can get away with their crimes against Humanity. There are far greater powers than us who are involved in ensuring that justice is meted out.” (9)

Even so they must keep most of their actions under wraps so as not to alert the dark Ones.

“For too long we have had to keep details under wraps, and even now we are still careful as to what we reveal. It is a matter of keeping our plans to ourselves as far as possible, and stopping interference with them from those still loyal to the Illuminati. Some are of course bound to them through bribery or blackmail, and still fearful of the consequences of disobeying them.

“We have however invited them to join us and grant asylum so that they are not in danger. That does not mean that they get away with their crimes, but that is not a matter that we will deal with and is best left to the higher forces. Since justice is always seen to be done, there is no point in wasting your energy by being concerned about the outcome.” (10)

He adds that “if it needs a ‘deal’ to remove the dark Ones and they are allowed refuge somewhere, it is only a temporary respite as ultimately they will not escape justice.” (11)

Unlike the Illuminati, the Light must observe universal and human laws, Matthew reminds us.

“However slowly the processes [to defeat the Illuminati] move, especially when the accused arrogantly and stubbornly refuse to cooperate with the laws that govern all US citizens, the leaders of the movements to oust them must proceed within these laws.” (12)

Their observance of the law extends to “punishment,” SaLuSa reminds us: “We have never condoned violence of any kind, and that includes the barbaric practices that are meted out as lawful punishment.” (13)

SaLuSa reminds us that “you do not need to meet fire with fire, as you have the Law on your side along with us and many great Beings of Light.” (14)

“If it is within your ability and your mindset allows for compassion, it is the best response you can have. Better still if you can acknowledge that the dark Ones are Beings of Light that retain their godspark, you would help them by sending Love and Light. Naturally that is not easy particularly if you have a relative or friend that has been a victim of theirs.

“How you respond depends on your level of consciousness, but you will eventually reach one of Christ Consciousness and act from that level of understanding.”  (15)

With that preamble, I’d like to look tomorrow at the legal actions underway or planned against the dark and the reforms that are planned to restore terrestrials to full sovereignty.


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