Toward a New Philosophy of Community Building through Mutual Aid – Part 1/3

Give&Receive AAGWritten by Steve Beckow, Karen Wilson and Kathleen Willis, The Golden Age of Gaia, August 13, 2014

As readers know, Archangel Michael has been encouraging us to develop a new philosophy of community building, based on mutual aid and support for those people who’ve dedicated their lives to building Nova Earth.

Our original belief was that the Company of Heaven would provide that support – and they will. But they’ve made it plain to us that we also are to do all that we can in the time before abundance arrives.

In the old days, an equivalent situation might have been monks being supported by the householder community to provide a needed spiritual service. That model is foreign to North America, less so to Europe. But it’s well-established in countries such as India, Tibet, and Thailand.

In our case, the Company of Heaven seems to want the community that will be distributing abundance funds, welcoming the galactics through Disclosure, and assisting the maximum number of people through the Ascension portals to show it can be self-sustaining.

We’re doing our best to interpret this new model.  It seems to involve those lightworkers who serve by working (householder lightworkers, if we can coin a phrase) to actively take on the task, if they agree to, of supporting those who’ve volunteered to serve the Mother’s Plan directly (ground-crew lightworkers).

Los Angeles-20130312-00122That of course is a matter of choice. Only those who choose to are being addressed here. Moreover, the model involves only those who experience having excess disposable income. Those who don’t are undoubtedly serving in other ways.

What this boils down to for us is the lightworker community helping the Nova Earth Team generally and the Hope Chest particularly to reach a point of self-sustainability for the work we’re doing now and the larger financial or abundance work we’ll be doing after the Reval. If we can hold together however long that may take.

But we also know that there are other teams of ground-crew lightworkers – the Council of Love, the Children of the Sun Foundation, and many other channels and groups – who also need lightworker aid and support to play their parts in building Nova Earth.

Much of the work to mount a self-sustaining lightworker effort has brought us a measure of discomfort because of our own belief systems. As Archangel Michael said in a recent reading with two of us (Kathleen and Steve), (1) the new direction has raised the specter of repeatedly appearing with our hands out to readers.  That has been a very difficult position for us to agree to be placed in.

It challenges people who’ve been used to giving rather than receiving.  It raises concerns about how we look and seem as a result of always appearing before you asking for more.  It’s been quite challenging for us.

But at the same time we’re coming to see why the Company of Heaven has asked us to allow ourselves to be in this position.

Some of the reasons are personal. The raising to the surface of our core issues around money and self-worth for releasing is one. Kathleen 22People who manage financial projects will need to have cleared their issues.

We think they’re also asking us, who will be managing projects later, to see first what need looks like.

But the much greater revelation has to do with building community itself by encouraging mutual support. We take the part of the people needing support and our task is to create a community of aid here on the Golden Age of Gaia, InLight Radio and the Hope Chest. In this instance, we’re one target group tasked with community building.

What we learn from this work will become part of our overall sharing to the lightworker community. We’re very much the experimental subjects and we’ve taken up the challenge without complaint.  Well, a little kicking and screaming!

Let us make an initial statement about what we’re learning about community-building as a result of finding ourselves in this position and realizing that this is what the Company of Heaven wants from us.

Consider first that there’s no actual need for us to be in this position. The world at present is awash in money. It would be easy for the Company of Heaven or the Dragon Family to relieve us of all concerns. But that is not to be, apparently, exactly because they want us, we think, to create our own self-sustainability as a contribution to creating community.

Let me describe some of the sources of that wealth.

The Prosperity Programs are apparently ready. The historic bonds are starting to be cashed in. The St. Germaine World Trust is available. The Dragon Family knows our work.

Steve 107Precious metals and bonds have been retrieved from ships sunk on the bottom of the ocean.  Illuminati funds have been redirected and recovered. Precious metals have even been brought from other planets to be used here on Earth.

Just last month, St. Germaine told us that “my trust fund can supply money for everybody.” (2)

If that’s the case, then why is it required that those who serve the Company of Heaven like the Nova Earth Team are obliged to turn to their readers, listeners and donors to appeal for support? How easy would it be to divert some of that money to support this team?

It would be very easy. Archangel Michael confided to Steve that he (AAM) could make money appear in an account this minute if that was the plan. (3) But it isn’t the plan.

The Company of Heaven provides us with a key clue as to why not when they say that the release of funds is not a matter of timing but of frequency. (4)

To simply have them fund us would pass by a wonderful opportunity to raise our frequency and the frequency of others by extension.

So we developed a model of voluntary monthly donations to see to making the Nova Earth Team self-sustainable. And we ask you to participate in it if that feels right and appropriate for you. (We’ll be discussing that more in Part 3.)

Creating community is an essential step in building Nova Earth and building Nova Earth is what most of us came to do.

Tomorrow we’d like to begin to look more at the new philosophy of community building that we think the Company of Heaven has been inviting us to develop and put in action.


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(2) “Transcript: Heavenly Blessings – St. Germaine on Where to Look for Results,” channeled by Linda Dillon, July 15, 2014, at

(3) “It does not mean that we can not put money in a bank account because we can.” (Archangel Michael in personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, July 11, 2014.)

(4) “A Matter of Timing or Frequency?” July 27, 2014 at

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