Caroline Oceana Ryan: A Channeled Message to Lightworkers

A Message to Lightworkers, Channeled through Caroline Oceana Ryan –

The latest update from our friends, the fifth- and sixth-dimensional beings known as the Collective. Their messages are here to aid Lightworkers on the Ascension path.

CR: My friends, many are unhappy about the violence going on in the Middle East and the Ukraine, as well as other places. And here in the US people are railing about the refugee children and complaining about the president as if he’s not doing enough to deal with our very serious problems.

I believe President Obama to be a Lightworker who has not yet fully revealed his role. And I think he’s doing a great deal of good that almost no one is aware of.

I suppose I feel like asking, What the hell is going on, exactly?

Namaste, Friends!

Our writer has brought some interesting questions here, and we are happy to be of assistance.

There are numerous reasons for the great conflagration, and seemingly unending human rights abuses, that you are witnessing now in Israel and the Gaza Strip, as well as elsewhere in the Middle East, such as Iran, Iraq, Egypt, and elsewhere.

Borders and land “ownership” by one tribe or another are not the true cause of the terror now being experienced by their peoples (all people are one, but we will delineate with “peoples” in this discussion, as they believe themselves to be separate from one another). Violet Flame

There is far more at stake here, and far more that most of your politicians are involved in, though your president and a few others are fully aware, though unable to speak publicly of such.

For one, there is great wealth to be had in the Middle East region, as there are stargates, ancient mysteries, and powerful energy points and artifacts connected to that region that are never spoken of, but which have been points of contention, theft, bargaining, war and misuse for centuries.

Do not expect that situation to “make sense” in the context of the supremely limited information you are given on your televisions and in news reports on the internet, and told that this group did this, therefore there has been retaliation by the other group.

There is no mention in these “reports” (“fictions” would be closer, though that is generally not the fault of those reporting) of the real valuables at stake.

And that has little to do with land or human lives, but with access to portals to space, via the wormholes and you might say, keyholes that once activated with the proper energetic key, open the way for entrance to other realms, other timelines, other universe, and other planets within this universe.

And there is much plundering of resources that occurs when those timelines and boundaries are breached. You are taught that such portals are mythical and imaginary. That there is no such thing as a connection to elsewhere without the traditional method of going from point A to point B. But we tell you, look at your fiction, in that case.

Look at how often those who have written of things seemingly impossible, have several generations later seen the very thing they created come to fruition—or seen historical evidence discovered, of an Earthly civilization in which that thing did indeed exist.

Yes, there have been “flying cars” on your planet before now. There have been activations of energy points and portals that led seekers to outer space and other planets. And most sadly, to destruction, by those who misused these abilities.

Several continents that once populated what is now only ocean were lost—yes, Lemuria and Atlantis, and another rarely spoken of. There were nuclear explosions in your planet many thousands of years ago, due to the misuses of these energetic capabilities.

We would not trouble over the violence you are now witnessing. Much of it a last, desperate power grab for control over these portals and energy points, which are fast becoming out of reach of those who have controlled them for thousands of years.

And too, part of it is the desperation exhibited by the dark ones (though that is a very romantic name to give to their lost and quickly decomposing souls).

We have spoken of this previously—that they wish to distract and to lower Earth’s vibration, to slow and obstruct wherever possible, the Ascension process.

Of course, it cannot be slowed, nor stopped. It is part of that universal mechanism which does not respect outer events.

Ascension of the planet and those who wish to ascend runs on an internal impetus, and does not answer to the machinations of those who fear and despise the Light.

It would laugh at them, if it were not the center of Peace Itself, which is too calm to react with one overt emotion. We laugh for it, and so must you.

Yes, it is difficult to celebrate Ascension, when the view from your window is so grim, so angry or mournful. And yet you must.

You must sound that one joyful, brilliant note from deep inside your soul being that has waited so many Earth centuries to be sounded. You must!

Do not wait until a heavenly host as your ancient texts say, suddenly appears in the sky.

Do not wait for mass landings, for government disclosure of any kind, for NESARA law to be enacted, though that is destined to occur in perfect time and way.

Sing now, and celebrate now. For the soul of every child and mother lost in the Middle East and other conflicts, has already risen to its perfect Light, and shines above the Earth—as so many higher beings do now, crowding Her skies with Light and joyful sounding.

If they are singing, dear friends, then you must as well!

Honor their memory and their Earth lives, and give thanks.

Namaste! We are with you, always.

Copyright 2014, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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