Steve Beckow: Life is a Game – And It’s Rigged! – Part 1/2

CrierWritten by Steve Beckow, The Golden Age of Gaia, August 6, 2014

Life is a game – and it’s rigged!

It is. It actually is. (Shhhh! Don’t tell anyone. Wink, wink! Nudge, nudge!)

How is it rigged? The answer lies in what Shankara called “the longing for liberation.”

“[The] longing for liberation is the will to be free from the fetters forged by ignorance — beginning with the ego-sense and so on, down to the physical body itself — through the realization of one’s true nature.” (1)

The purpose of life is for you and I to know who we are, what our true nature is, who we are fundamentally. The game that was created long ago was that God asked us to discover who we are.

You know the answer (God).

Why did God set up the game – or lila (divine play)?? Because when one of us knows our true nature in a moment of enlightenment, God meets God. For that reason did He/She/It create life.

But knowing the answer intellectually doesn’t help.

We have to know it – no, not down to our bones. Much, much deeper than that. We have to know it even deeper than transcendentally because the angels are transcendental and they’re still plumbing the depths of that knowing.

To assist us to stay on track, God implanted in us a deep, subtidal, infinite thirst for Him/Her/It, however you think of the genderless, eternal God. That’s the rigging in the game.

Pseudo-Dionyisus describes it here:

“All things long for [God]. The intelligent and rational long for it by way of the stirrings of being alive and in whatever fashion befits their condition.” (2)

“Intelligent beings … experience desire, but this has to be interpreted as a divine yearning for that immaterial reality which is beyond all reason and all intelligence. It is a strong and sure desire for the clear and impassible contemplation of the transcendent. It is a hunger for an unending, conceptual, and true communion with the spotless and sublime light, of clear and splendid beauty.

“Intemperance then will be an unfailing and unturning power, seen in the pure and unchanging yearning for divine beauty and in the total commitment to the real object of all desire.” (3)

That thirst is always playing on us and leaves us ultimately unsatisfied by any material good, event, pleasure, etc.  We feel a yawning chasm within ourselves and try to fill it with food, drink, possessions, wealth, sex, etc., but nothing does the trick for more than a short while.

We embark on a cycle of desire, fulfilling one want after another, then watching our sense of satisfaction fade away and desiring something else, always trying to fill the yawning gap.

That eternal desire can only be satisfied by one thing: God.

All that desire is in actuality is the longing for God, longing for love, or longing for liberation.

But there are secrets about life that make it’s being rigged acceptable. One is that you and I are the riggers. You and I are God and, since it’s God who rigged the game, that means we rigged it. (We’re actually both rigger and riggee.)

Most of our channeled sources refer to that longing on one occasion or another.

Let’s listen to some of the various ways it’s described. Let’s start with the chief architect, God Itself in the form of the Divine Mother, she who moves upon the waters and calls forth the firmament:

“[The longing] is part, not only of what we would call your spiritual DNA. It is also part of your physical DNA, this desire for love and nurturing to both give and to receive. It is part of your being to be able to be strong enough to carry others, not merely in the womb but to literally carry others.” (4)

Here Saul describes it as a sense of hope and an inextinguishable light placed in us by the Father.

“That sense of hope has been with you since the moment of separation, because your Father placed within you the inextinguishable Light of His Love to assure you that you were not lost, could never be lost, and to light your way Home to His loving embrace when you chose to stop playing the ridiculous games that filled you with anxiety and hid the Light of His Love from you.” (5)

Quan Yin says that all passions can be analyzed and found to be a subset of this longing.

“If you were to analyse every passionate desire that you have you would realise that the purest intention of this passion is to enhance your connection with the Creator. For example, you may desire to live in a beautiful home surrounded by abundance and splendour, could this not be a desire to be surrounded by the beauty and love of the Creator, to feel the security and protection that the love of the Creator offers?

“It is important to realise that sometimes our physical desires are actually describing many desires and needs that we have spiritually.” (6)

This longing, this inextinguishable flame, was placed within us by God when we “separated” from Him, SaLuSa of Sirius tells us.

“When you apparently split from God, He could foresee the pain and suffering that you would experience, and He installed within you an inextinguishable flame to light your way Home when you finally recognized and admitted to the intolerability of your situation.

“This flame within each of you, which you refused to see or acknowledge for so many eons and instead attempted to hide or destroy, is once more apparent to you.” (7)

Elsewhere SaLuSa called it “an innate urge to continue progressing with your spiritual evolution.” (8) On another occasion he explained that “the Creator draws all back into its Being, only to again commence further great cycles of experience.” (9)

“The energy of evolution has to have a goal as otherwise your efforts would be aimless and non-productive. Fortunately that inner drive towards something many know not is now becoming clear.” (10)

SaLuSa’s colleague Diane of Sirius referred to it as “a natural urge to seek what is known within your sub-consciousness.” (11) Ker-on of Venus called it “a compulsive drive towards obtaining knowledge about everything within the great Cosmos.” (12) There are so many different ways the masters describe it.

(Continued in Part 2. Shhhh! Shhhh!)


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