Brad Austen: The Conflict Between Ego and Soul

Written by Brad Austen, Mindful-Meditations, August 5, 2014

A natural part of our human life and expression is the ego and soul. We all have these aspects in our nature, however some people may have more balance, or lack of, in their nature. Our journey from childhood to adulthood can be challenging and our ego is designed to protect us. However, the ego will never give us any long-term satisfaction or empowerment. As a human with free will we also have the choice to nurture our ego or soul. On the surface it can seem easier to nurture one’s ego, but that is also an illusion.

The ego is never satisfied; it always wants more, and bigger and better material things. We live in a material world and this can be one of the biggest challenges to our spiritual growth and development. It is not about ignoring the ego, but a matter of balancing it with the nudging of our soul. Our soul is content ‘being’; it is our ego that can get caught up in ‘doing’. However, if you are following your passion then ‘doing’ can also be following one’s soul path. Balance is important.

The ego does not like to be ignored; it is a matter of embracing it, which in turn will soften its influence. Like an obnoxious child it seeks attention and instant gratification. We have probably all experienced that at one time or another. A screaming child at the supermarket that won’t let up until it gets the attention it craves or what it desires. Luckily our soul can balance the equation. Like a devil or angel perched on one’s shoulder, we always have the choice of which one to listen to and act upon.

As one grows up and grows in wisdom it can be easier to tame the ego and listen to the nudgings of spirit. We will still have desire for certain things, but it wont be as loud and overbearing. Spiritual growth is never-ending, but we also have an ego, which creates part of our personality while we are human. To become a human we have to separate ourselves from source in order to have an individualized personality and identity. The ego has a role to play in that process to help deal with the separation from source. Part of our growth becomes about taming one’s ego and growing in light and spirit.

It is likely you have heard someone say “Oh, he is in the ego,” or maybe even being told by someone that you are egotistical. This can simply be a reflection of the person that is passing judgment; after all we all have an ego. The ego isn’t a bad thing; there is no shame in having an ego. The key is to temper and balance it with the light of your soul.

By Brad Austen © 2014.

Brad Austen is a writer and channeller exploring spiritual growth and ascension themes. He also is passionate about producing guided meditations to aid relaxation, healing and self-discovery. For more information, you can visit his website: or listen to his meditations on iTunes:

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