Heavenletters: Mr. Fix It

Channeled through Gloria Wendroff, Heavenletters.org, July 26, 2014 | Thanks to Awakening Daily.

God said:

One thing you may be learning is to leave well enough alone. This is a good thing to learn.

It is not always true that where there is smoke, there is fire. Often in your excitement in life when you think you must exert effort or control, you are like the boy who cried wolf. You feel urgent. You feel urgent about this today and urgent about something else tomorrow.

Sometimes you really really do need to learn that life can take care of itself without your panting. You may well use up too your energy on fires whose embers are already going out.

It is like this: You worry about a rash, dear ones, and you want to eradicate it. To you, this is an urgency in life when a rash will leave with or without your effort.

Urgencies in life are relative. Today it is a broken fingernail. What a tragedy. Tomorrow, you could have a real one. Dear Ones, even broken hearts repair themselves.

Choose the battles you will fight. This is good advice. Regardless, you don’t have to get huffy about situations. You waste your energy. Find something uplifting to put your attention on. Let go of the faults you see that you must change right away or what, or what, beloveds? What will happen? How many of what you see as difficulties can you wipe out in a day? Difficulties most often go away by themselves.

Your thoughts are powerful. You create with your thoughts. Perhaps you like urgencies. Perhaps you like to react. Perhaps you could have been an emergency surgeon or a fire fighter or a policeman who respond immediately to all reports.

Yet, if you are an accountant, you take care of what you can take care of. If someone you know overspends, you still sleep nights. You can’t intervene in everything. You can state your point of view, and then let it go. There is no need to communicate your insecurity. You don’t have to pass it on. What but your own insecurity would make you see so many details as potentially fatal? There is more to life than your trying to fix it.

By and large, it is necessary to leave others’ responsibilities to themselves. When you take a cab, you tell the driver where you want him to take you. Unless he asks, you don’t tell him how to get there. You don’t worry him with your worries. You don’t want to pass on your anxieties to the cab driver.

There are matters you have to let take care of themselves. If today is Monday, by what law must a seeming urgent situation have to be fixed today? What if it is taken care of Wednesday? So I am asking you, My beloved children, what’s wrong with a situation being fixed Wednesday? Who are you to say when something must be fixed? This sense of urgency isn’t a characteristic you want to develop or spread.

There can be positive urgency as well. A young child cannot wait for Christmas Eve or Christmas morning. He can’t wait for his birthday. He can’t wait to go the beach. In that sense, the urgency is a kind of delicious joy.

When there is truly a fire to report to the Fire Department, report it. However, every bonfire is not an emergency. Every delay is not an emergency. Beloveds, right the wrongs you make and not worry so much about other misdemeanors. If you must demand perfection, demand it of yourself! Give some slack to others. Give some slack to yourself as well. Why upset yourself over what, in the big picture, is not yours to be upset over and what may not really be such a big deal. Know the difference between a mountain and a mole hill.

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