The Spirit World Chronicles: The Titanic Disaster – Part 2/2

Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

Concluded from Part 1

Stead tells us about the grisly scene that resulted from the tragedy. Be warned – if you’re particularly sensitive or empathic, you might not enjoy the picture Stead paints.

“A matter of a few minutes in time only, and here were hundreds of bodies floating in the water – dead – hundreds of souls carried through the air, alive; very much alive, some were. Many, realizing their death had come, were enraged at their own powerlessness to save their valuables. They fought to save what they had on earth prized so much.

“The scene on the boat at the time of striking was not pleasant, but it was as nothing to the scene among the poor souls newly thrust out of their bodies, all unwillingly. It was both heartbreaking and repellent. And thus we waited – waited until all were collected, until all were ready, and then we moved our scene to a different land.” (1)

Personally, I don’t know if I’d be worried about the material things I accrued in life if I’d just been through such an awful and heart-wrenching tragedy. I tend to think differently than people who put all of their worth and value into material things, and I’d be far more worried about other aspects of my earthly existence that seem more important.

Everyone copes with their physical death differently, and for some, mourning the loss of the material things that can’t follow them into the higher realms is the best way to cope. After the debris was cleared and things started to calm down, I think I’d be interested in exploring what the other side has to offer.

I’m sure some of the people who died on the Titanic eventually and excitedly explored the fourth dimension too, but in the beginning, fear and loss were probably the only things on their minds.

In a quote about W.T. Stead, we learn that his daughter received prophetic news from a man who somehow ‘knew’ there would be a disaster that claimed Stead’s life – a man who went on to channel Stead via automatic writing.

“When the Titanic went down, Estelle, Stead’s daughter, was on a tour with her own Shakespearean Company. One of the members of the touring group was a young man named Pardoe Woodman. According to Estelle Stead, a few days before the disaster, Woodman told her over tea that there was to be a great disaster at sea and that an elderly man very close to her would be among the victims.

“In 1917, shortly after being discharged from the army, Woodman began receiving messages from William T. Stead by means of automatic writing. Estelle Stead then started sitting with Woodman and observing. She noted that Woodman wrote with his eyes closed and that the writing was very much like her father’s.

“Moreover, the writing would stop at times and go back to dot the ‘i’s’ and cross the ‘t’s,’ a habit of her father’s which she was sure Woodman knew nothing about.” (2)

Woodman showed Stead’s writing traits when he channeled him, which is common among genuine channels. When you channel an entity, depending on the purity of the connection, you adopt their mannerisms and writing styles in a true display of the reality of the practice.

I’m sure Woodman’s display of these traits convinced Stead’s daughter that there was something real to his automatic writing, and I think it’s neat that channeling has been going on for so long.

Channeling isn’t a ‘new age’ thing that a bunch of hippies decided to start doing one day – people have been channeling for decades and even centuries. The man who channeled Stead, Pardoe Woodman, was one of many pioneers who opened the door for people like me to channel in this modern day, and I can’t thank him or the other pioneers enough!

In our final quote, we’re told that the recently deceased, which includes Stead and the people who were worried about their valuables when the Titanic sank, started radically ascending shortly after they exited their bodies.

“Stead informed his daughter that there were hundreds of souls hovering over their floating bodies after the big ship [the Titanic] went down, some of them apparently not comprehending their new state as they complained about not being able to save all of their valuables.

“After what felt like a few minutes, they all seemed to rise vertically into the air at a terrific speed. ‘I cannot tell how long our journey lasted, nor how far from the earth we were when we arrived, but it was a gloriously beautiful arrival,’ Stead recorded through Woodman’s hand.

“‘It was like walking from your own English winter gloom into the radiance of an Indian sky. There, all was brightness and beauty.’” (3)

After all of the intense pain and fear they experienced, Stead and everyone else who departed were able to glimpse the wonderful and harmonious fourth dimension. All of their troubles were over, and all of their trials were rewarded as they reached this land and prepared themselves for lives of eternal peace and enjoyment.

Of course, we never stand still in our growth and evolution, and most of the people who passed have probably since raised their vibration beyond the fourth dimension. Maybe some of them haven’t, but I don’t want to paint the fourth dimension as a place we go for eternal rest or slumber when we’re done on earth.

We can take as much time to rest and recuperate as we need, of course, but we eventually get active, using our greater perception to help others find a higher state of consciousness. We raise our own vibration with hard and dedicated work, and instead of eternally resting, we remain as active as we’ve always been.

I don’t necessarily enjoy talking about disasters like the Titanic, but I thought it’d be worth our time to learn what it was like for the people who didn’t make it out. It’s interesting that so many people were so worried about their material possessions, and it makes me wonder just how strong the materialistic link to this realm is.

However attached we are to the third dimension, we’ll have to be willing to leave it behind when our time comes to see what the next, more liberated realm has to offer, and we’ll find that this realm is much more enjoyable and fulfilling than the material things we possess in the lower vibrations.

I learned a thing or two today, and the manner in which people cope with tragic deaths has become clearer.

Everyone eventually finds the spiritual liberation that comes with leaving the third dimension behind, but there’s a lot of fear and uncertainty involved with the whole process. Most initiates are greeted by their guides and departed loved ones when they reach the fourth dimension, and this makes the transition a lot easier to cope with.

However much pain and fear they initially experienced, they can be at peace and enjoy their new lives with their fellow, departed friends and loved ones, growing to new heights that they would’ve never envisioned on earth.

Wes Annac – Interested in how people handle difficult transitions.


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