Steve Beckow: Surfing the Tsunami of Love

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Back to the Future: Notice the brown hair

Written by Steve Beckow, The Golden Age of Gaia, July 6, 2014.

As a communicator/lightworker, part of my self-chosen task is to go through Ascension publicly. I think it’s time to check in and give a progress report. So let me do that.

The first thing I notice about myself is that the “floor” of my emotional experience has risen quite dramatically. What would have sparked me yesterday does not spark me today.

The second thing is that my body feels lighter, firmer, younger, in every respect. I don’t even notice how or when it happened. I’m much more energetic and seem to go for a much longer time in almost anything, except sleeping.

One glaring indication of this rejuvenation is that my hair, which was almost totally white, is noticeably turning brown, in gradual stages from the crown down (see the photo). I had a haircut the other day and was amazed to see how much of the hair on the floor was brown. When did that happen? Where was I?

The third thing I notice is that vasanas are arising, no doubt about that. But they’re leaving just as fast. Processing them is quicker and easier. And the ones that are coming up are very deep.

I’ve gone through several I never knew I had, after forty years processing – at Cold Mountain Institute, est, enlightenment intensives. I worked hard through those years. It has to be that the energy is rising.

I definitely feel happy as a baseline experience. Often I go up into joy. When love comes up, oh my heavens, it’s like Krakatoa. It just pours out of me. That must be the single most significant change since the Tsunami began. And again that’s tangible to me. The impact of it isn’t lost on me.

I’m able to access more, process quicker, and reach much deeper levels. These are signs of progress to me. I asked the Company of Heaven for signs of progress. I acknowledge that I see them.

That’s my report on me. Now what I’m noticing in those around me.

There are some things I’m noticing about the “early risers” among us, those who are ascending early.

I said earlier that a friend had gone through the car wash (what AAM called “Ascension Lite”) (1) three times, every time emerging brighter and shinier.

These “early risers” are the gatekeepers who “pick up passengers” (inspire others) and drive them through the car wash (impel them forward), so to speak.

They may not be noticeable because in every way they’ve become less visible, less demanding, gentler, on and on. But they seem more vibrant than the rest of us, more resilient, and more joyful. And their knowledge and heartfelt-consciousness have expanded.

No, I’m not an early riser and am not destined to be one. I say that without regret. My job is to go up with everyone else and make progress reports on it.

Next in my report: I see some people being prepared for enlightenment. First off, I say that because the Boss (AAM) told me of a case. But, second of all, the sensations they report of being worked on, being accompanied, guided, tested, etc., remind me of events associated with earlier initiates, from my study of enlightenment.

I believe this group of lightworkers will emerge as the teachers we’ve all been told about. So that’s another indicator of progress to put in my report.

No, they needn’t ascend after enlightenment if they don’t wish to. Many of the great teachers of the past – like Ramana Maharshi, Sri Ramakrishna, the Buddha – were entitled to ascend and remained here as teachers.

Next item. Once through the Ascension portal, I’m led to believe, and after an interval of time (not long), those of us here from higher dimensions (and who isn’t? That would be all lightworkers, now and in the future), will recover their full capabilities, reflecting who they are.

I’m not going to embarrass people by naming kingdoms and such.  But they’ll be able to choose to go or stay.

When Archangel Michael says that most of us lightworkers here are angels, it follows that most of us are transcendental, formless beings and from much higher dimensions than we probably suspect.

I’m not sure many people understand the full significance of “transcendental.” Only the Father, Parabrahman, the Void is transcendental.

The entire multiverse of the Divine Mother is phenomenal, material. Only the Father isn’t.

That means that all the angels here come from the realm beyond the material, the Mother’s domain. I can’t imagine what that looks like or what restoration will look like. But to one who has studied the subject, all of this is absorbing news. That goes in the progress report as an advance in knowledge. The upshot? I’m starting to get who’s here, at deeper and deeper levels.

Knowing this allows us to appreciate what the Divine Mother said the other day: “You, each of you, are magnificent beyond your wildest imagination.” (2) I very much believe that.

That’s my progress report.


(1) He said in An Hour with an Angel on May 15, 2014:

“Now let us back up even a little more. Many, we would suggest thousands and thousands and thousands of people have ascended and have had the experience of the ecstasy, the bliss, and the significant shift within their very cores insofar as they do not see or experience being human or being in Gaia in the way that they had previously. Let me explain.

“These souls ― and yes, they are everyday people; they are not those who have been vying for sainthood, but they acknowledge their mastery, and part of each of you ascending is acknowledging your mastery ― but they have basically gone through the Ascension portal.

“They are primarily way-showers. They have anchored in the higher dimensional energy ― Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, and so on.

“They have what we have called made a U-turn and are still exhibiting on planet, in form, in everyday reality, because their promise ― as part of their sacred journey, and as part of the collective’s commitment, decision ― is that they would be the way-showers for the rest of humanity.

“So they have, shall we say, Ascension Lite, insofar as that they have experienced the bliss, the higher realms. They have released the sense of restriction. They have embraced the sense of their inter-dimensionality, their ability to create and co-create.” (“Archangel Michael: You are About to Reach Ascension,”

(2) “The Divine Mother: You are Precious to Me; Will You Open to Receive?” July 5, 2104, at


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