Steve Beckow: Clearing and Opening to the Light – Part 3

Powewr EliteWritten by Steve Beckow, The Golden Age of Gaia.

Even as the waves of love sweep the planet, the dark figures who controlled the Earth for so long struggle in vain to retain their control.

We see in the way the elite has manipulated the Reval to benefit even at this late date from the interest on the gold supplied by the Dragon Family to underwrite it how the ability to cause mischief and mayhem persists a while longer.  Jesus describes the “work” they’ve done and how their power base can no longer be maintained.

“The power of the wealthy and influential can no longer be maintained. Your political systems and organizations are finally being seen for what they truly are – clubs and associations for the rich and powerful, enabling them to control humanity.

“They have constantly used, misled, and ill-treated you, while pretending to maintain order to ensure your safety. They have enslaved you in menial occupations that sapped your energy and creative abilities and set you one against another, because the organizations and corporate structures which employed you and to which you ‘belonged’ always seem to be engaged in ongoing conflicts with other similarly powerful organizations, so your loyalty and support was always required.” (1)

While these dark figures set us against each other, there’s no conflict among them, Jesus says. They gamble for high stakes and, when they lose, we pay.

“At the highest levels, as you are becoming increasingly aware, there is no conflict. There are just a few wealthy individuals (the .001%) who gamble incessantly in the financial markets for their delight and amusement in endless testosterone driven games of ‘rock-paper-scissors.’

“When they lose, as some of them have to, you pay and you suffer, while those losers very quickly regain what they had never really lost! (2)

While we could be greatly angered by their control measures, Jesus advises us instead to love them and all the other troubling situations we face in in our world.

“Just be loving, fully loving in every moment, in every situation, and by doing so extend the healing that God’s Love offers to all of His children, without exception, to every soul with whom you interact. Just by constantly holding the intent to be always loving, regardless of the circumstances, or the situations in which you find yourselves, you are effectively and very efficaciously healing the world.” (3)

That’s why we chose to incarnate: to love and heal the world, he reminds us.

“That is why you chose to incarnate at this point in Earth’s history. It is the task that you knowingly, willingly, and most compassionately undertook to bring humanity to its awakening.

“And although many of you remain seemingly unaware of the work you are doing, and of the fantastic results that you are achieving, nevertheless, keep on intending to hold your Light on high, and intend that It meld and integrate with the Light that everyone else on Earth at this time is also holding on high, sharing and extending.” (4)

His advice is echoed by the Arcturian Group.

“Just Love, dear Ones – just live always in the recognition that all are in and of the ONE and this realization will guide your every action. Let go of the need to plot and plan everything and allow your inner Self guide you gently minute to minute, day to day, activity to activity.

“When you become aware of the activities of the unawakened, visualize that tiny flame in their hearts they themselves are unaware of, take whatever human footsteps you may be guided to take, and then move on.”  (5)

Gordon Duff illustrated recently how the plans of the dark ones were more extensive than we could possibly have grasped. (6) But they’re unravelling under the relentless pressure of love that’s emanating from the higher dimensions.

We’re asked to join that love force and, away the remaining dark streamers and awaken those who’ve centered their ambitions on controlling and undermining the world’s population.

Tomorrow we’ll look at what our sources say about how the love is spreading from self-love to universal love.


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