Julie Henderson: Tampering With the Akashic Records

Akashic RecordsJulie Henderson, Contributor for Waking Times.

“Often I am still listening when the song is over.” -Marquis de Saint-Lambert

The Akashic Records, also known as the Book of Life, is a composition of the skein of space and time which records every single thought, word, deed, or creation throughout the hyper-verse of our eternal evolution. It is the authentic, natural, organic record of all that is, was, and ever shall be. It cannot be tampered with or compromised in any way, shape, or form, and yet there exist synthetic channels, programs, electronic devices bent on control and manipulation, torture tactics, and rampant abuse of tracking that attempt to restructure or reorganize the content of the Book of Life.

The only way to abate this ghastly siege upon the sacred text is to no longer comply with the systems that are working to destroy it. Each one of us is writing another page of the book every day that we live, exist, rise to meet every challenge, interact with each other, tend to the Earth, and cultivate our own inner landscape with the transformative frequencies that we ride at any given moment. To keep this natural flow of events unadulterated, the enemy to what is natural has to be identified and we ourselves have to distance ourselves from it.

A hidden mechanism is at work and it does not have your best interest at heart. Due to a patchwork of sites out there that invite you to paste your life story, unfiltered, for others to see, everyone and their peeping mother can peer into your world. [They] upload everything about a person: your childhood, your adolescence, your first dates and first kisses, your successes and failures, your likes and dislikes, and your dreams. Each human being’s archived lifestream is like a computer.

Everything can be used to target you, control you, or manipulate your experience. [They] can pull up any experience you’ve ever had, and they can make you relive it; conversely, they can make you forget it. It’s exactly like the concept behind Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mindand when they do make you relive something–some period of your life, or some episode that you triumphed over–you have to jump through every hoop that you jumped through before in order to emerge safely on the other side as a whole, integrated, healed human being.

They can make you forget heartbreak, and when they feel it necessary, they’ll make you remember every ping and pang of loss you’ve ever felt in the span of a single moment. This usually takes place following a serious victory or triumph, when they come up on you experiencing natural joy, because the last thing they want in a controlled, homogenized, surveillance state is for people to access pure joy. It gives people inspiration and motivation to keep fighting the good fight. It threatens the stability of the tyrannical control mechanism at work behind the scenes.

Occasionally, they will make you feel elated, plug into your consciousness states of intense, prolonged euphoria, or they can simulate some sort of a storyline that makes you evoke more of your childhood memories in case there’s any that they’ve missed or forgotten to log. They are doing this to every human being who has a social networking profile, whether it be on Facebook, Linkedin, Myspace, or any other surveillance script that they have designed.

Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter are the equivalent of soul contracts that people have made with the enemy in exchange for glorifying their transitory egos. Every bit of that information is stored and kept on file about every single person who uses those sites, and they are bought and sold and traded to generate new marketing lines and campaigns that are designed and tailored specifically for every categorized human archetype.

If you think that you are evolving or somehow enhancing your journey by willingly forfeiting information about your life to those sites, whether it be social or private, then you are sorely mistaken. It is not the position or ambition of this commentary to advise you to do anything other than protect that about you which is sacred and still freely evolving outside the matrixes of control.

I was taught the power of non-infringement, but the art of that teaching is that there are times when it becomes necessary to step up and offer a voice of reason in an Orwellian nightmare that only the most aware and awake will escape. I am also speaking from the perspective of someone who has used such archival sites in the past and continues to share my recorded music, photography, and writing online. It is difficult to maneuver around the mechanism when it forces you to rely on it, in part, to further your career or your creative pursuits. However, there is still something organic, natural, and fluid about trusting the Universe to meet you halfway and fighting to preserve and protect the ancient Book that contains all information about our shared pasts, presents, and evolving futures. It is a great challenge to listen for true music in a sea of false tunes, but it is a worthy evolutionary stage we are all called to transcend.

About the Author

Julie Henderson is a native to the San Francisco Bay Area whose journey and writing has appeared in anthologies, literary magazines, and online journals including In5d.com. In addition to writing, she is a 3-D installation artist, photographer, singer/songwriter, metalsmith, and urban Taoist. Find her on the web here, http://www.myspace.com/juliehendersonmusic, and here, http://www.shewrites.com/profile/juliehenderson.

This article is offered under Creative Commons license. It’s okay to republish it anywhere as long as attribution bio is included and all links remain intact.



  1. My advice on this is don’t think like a human. Lightworkers are designed to infiltrate all systems that are corrupt, mimic them by becoming like everyone else and subtly weaving light and love into everything they come in contact with. This message has a fear based tone to it that does not resonate with my deeper sense of knowing so to me it holds no redeeming value but to send love and light to the person (s) who wrote/posted it, and allow them to rise above this dualistic way of thinking and affecting others. Most all lightworkers are well aware of the lengths of manipulation this world is under. That is why we are here.
    I share light and love on my facebook account for this reason. I follow my heart and higher self in a loose but very unyielding way. I suggest you do the same. Why would the Akashic Records need to be protected by deleting a facebook account, when these Akashic records cannot do anything but record all that goes on according to God’s will? No one has the power to “Delete” the Akashic Records or alter what is in them, as that is an oxymoron. Any more than a being ( which is part of God) could remove God’s memory of who it is and what it is experiencing in no time.

    a figure of speech in which apparently contradictory terms appear in conjunction (e.g., faith unfaithful kept him falsely true ).


  2. Marijuana can affect a person’s sense of discernment, among other things, like tearing holes in the aura to allow less than love beings into one’s consciousness. Just saying. anyone who advocate’s the use of marijuana or its legalization is not coming from a place of higher vibration, where there is not disease and all is in balance, and is acting and speaking from
    a marijuana induced state of mind, which is illusional.


    • In retrospect, I would like to suggest that, in light of the bringing up of old memories/issues in this time of transformation, this article is illustrating one of the side effects or phenomena of the cleansing that is occurring in all of us. But in reality we don’t need to protect anything as there is nothing to protect. This is a time of sharing, love and light in our words, and acts, in person and on the internet.That is our weapon, that is our strength. That is what we do. I hope no one reads this article and deletes their accounts out of fear of Big Brother watching us. A Bigger Big Brother is watching them, and he is our brother.


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