Brad Austen: The Different Dimensions and Our Multidimensional Selves

The Different Dimensions and our Multidimensional Selves

Written by Brad Austen, Mindful-Meditations.

A lot of material has been channeled in the new age community about the different dimensions and ascension. But what are these dimensions? The Earth has multiple dimensions, which remain invisible until you are vibrating to that particular dimension. Dimensions aren’t so much a place, but a state of being and vibration. The earth is still vibrating physically in the 3rd dimension, but its ethereal body is vibrating in the 4th dimension. Eventually the physical will merge with the spiritual and become a 4th dimension body and so on until the earth becomes a 5th dimensional planet.

The same is happening with our bodies. Physically we are in the 3rd dimension, but our spirit is beginning to vibrate higher. This is a gradual process, for if it occurred in an instant, the physical body would not survive. With the ascension of the planet, we can gradually begin to access higher dimensions and begin to tap into our multidimensional selves.

Our multidimensional selves contain great wisdom and knowledge. It contains all of our past, present and future lives and our akashic records. It also contains the wisdom and spirit of our higher selves that are scattered through the universe. When we are on the spiritual path, gradually we begin to download and integrate many aspects of our higher selves into our being. This allows us to receive knowledge and wisdom we didn’t previously have access to. It reawakens psychic abilities such as being able to communicate with souls that have departed the earth plane. Our purpose on the planet also becomes clearer, as we become aware of the lessons in our lives, and what action we need to take.

Mediums and psychics are able to tap into the akashic records to reveal information that normally isn’t within our awareness. Sometimes the psychic or medium will be receiving information from a departed loved one, or from our akashic records. It’s important to realise if consulting a psychic that future events, are only energetic potentials. Ultimately it is up to us and our own free will that determines our future.

As humanity continues to ascend, we will heal our bodies and past life karma. This will result in a longer lifespan, which we are already beginning to see occur now. We will experience more peace and joy in our lives, and we will follow our passions and hearts. We will become free sovereign beings and one-day also meet life on other planets, to assist them with our life experience with separation and duality.

As humanity begins to vibrate higher, new forms of healing and technology will be made available. We have seen a technology explosion on the planet in recent years and this is to assist us to connect more easily with each other. Eventually humanity will internalize this technology and the external technology won’t be necessary. For example, when everyone is telepathic, mobile phones wont be necessary, if at all.

I believe we have a very bright future ahead of us. There is a lot of clearing and healing occurring in our bodies at the moment, which can be uncomfortable. You can tune into the wisdom of spirit during meditation for answers, or consult a trusted psychic or medium if you need guidance. This may be a bumpy year for many, but know that the road will become smoother in time. Hold on and stay the course, and you will reap the rewards.


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