Lucas: Rattled Cages And A Glimpse Of New Peaking True by Lucas, Lucas2012infos.

Your cages have been rattled for sure even when the doors never were closed and the cage was just a mirage. You will know that certain old stuff or still existing resistance against the new forming within is still going on and you need to take care of it.

I have been talking for some time about those communities and others things that are still built upon the old paradigm even with so-called NEW ideas that will have their awakening to that fact also: only the NEW will be.

The lies, false pretences and traps from the old have been showing on all levels from  personal relationships to community levels. The best intent built upon some not so good intent is still faulty or flawed. See things for what they are and just accept it. There is always the possibility to change your course or do it really in a NEW way. In the new things only can be flowing in the energies of the now and exist  if they are really intended well from scratch and start.

You can talk about reputations, credibility and integrity and all you have done for humanity in the past as much as you want and linger and ponder on that for a long time, still that will not make any difference  as the old structures, ideas, basis of faith, beliefs and trust are falling apart. The phoenix will only rise from the ashes when all of the old is burned and has vanished.

The energetics of the new appearing and manifesting are only in our perception to be appearing slowly. In fact on the bigger still unseen levels major changes have already taken place. There is a two world idea in the mind and the heart working. The mind thinks still of the One world battling the old and the domination of mankind by a few. The other world felt by the senses and heart is talking about unity of the individual creator beings that you all are without exception.

These two images of worlds will come into balance and the factual reality and the newly felt  reality will become that new image that we will see manifesting in the end. This process is foremost by the ones awakening seen on the outside of themselves and for those awake already to the new reality it will be felt as an inner-change into balance and lots of work on the inner-you. We are now like a camera pulling things into focus. Seeing the image of the balance emerging.

Stars and planets are now seemingly not showing to be in the space they scientifically said to be. Things change as does science, astronomy, astrology and so one. The rigid understanding of this planetary earth and universe concept will end. We will find out how we can do things in a new way and we will sense and feel it. That what was never “thought of to be possible” by the old science establishment is now published.

The newly discovered stories which for only express partial truth have been kept from you for some time and often the science is rediscovered as we remember things to be.  The new is flowing into mainstream media also and disputes the old. Lots of the stories told are still tainted by those holding onto it and often a prophetic image of a  world that will not be is painted. The energies of changes are unstoppable and there is no reverse button. Change is inevitable and know no other timelines anymore.

All is in all dimensional construct in the now.  The only thing the establishment of the few sees as a solution is destroying what is making change or interfering with it so it will not happen. This is not working anymore as these actions will be just waking up more humans.  These humans will be finding their new reality first on the outside and then within and making the change happen even faster into the new.

A new world is only going to be created by us all having found the balance within. Some frontrunners in their process have had their crude second awakening as they fell back into the old due to unsolved personal issues of imbalance and thoughts of being superior or here to make things happen for others by force, belief, or conditioning and manipulation. It is for some a bitter pill and they are wanting to get back onto their guru and saviour tracks. It will not be and disappear as faint images of a long gone past. Be sure to make the transit within and know you have to go your inner pathways yourselves.  Your heart is your key.

Nobody will do the work for you. It still needs to be done by you. It may be harsh to feel the struggle, despair and troubles from those surrounding you or even family and friends but accept their choices to work or not on their own process or not. You only can support and be….the example. Changing the world starts with all of you individually. Make it happen within and see your  reflections shine upon others. Every step counts, even the smallest.

Remember your fellow travelers on their personal paths and  be sharing and caring. Be foremost you as you came to do in this moment of the now what you came to do as part of your mission.

The world is going to change and we will make it a different and a new place.  Just know all the sorrows, fears and negativity, wars, famine, etc, will end as there is only abundance, ultimate freedom for all in the end without having the need for a new power structures, governance over humanity and laws that need not be.  We will find balance and shift all to become our true potential.

Love and Light,


P.S  Thanks to all my readers and supporters for the beautiful time I had to be in service to all.  The support situation forces me soon to close my blog, stop radio and other stuff I do in service to all for free. I know it is difficult for all of us now and there is no regret whatsoever nor any grouches as it is like it is.  Keep going and see the candle burning within all of you always.  I am done with asking for support it needs to be coming from the heart freely or not. Still 10 days left in this month to make it happen or not!!!

(c) 2014 –  Copyright of Lucas, all writings of Lucas maybe published, re-blogged and posted only in full without altering anything with  the  link  mentioned in the article with name of the author Lucas.


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