Steve Beckow: Fan of Meet-ups Now


Written by Steve Beckow, The Golden Age of Gaia.

Photo: Meet up!

I’d actually like to say a word on meet-ups, based on my experience of the Seattle group. And I do thank them from the bottom of my heart for a truly memorable experience.

Meet-ups can be looked at in several ways.

They’re an opportunity to share real, touchable connection, instead of simply living in a virtual world.

But they’re also a building block of Ascension and of building Nova Earth.

A building block of Ascension because they remind isolated lightworkers of their self-worth. And self-worth has us open to Ascension. I acknowledge a friend who wanted me to see this and I do see it now.

Building blocks of Nova Earth because they bring lightworkers together with uncommon resources and a common desire to serve. Whatever way that may be and however it turns out.

I’m a fan of meet-ups now.

Meet-ups, or the closest thing to them, draw us more and more out of our shells. As simply virtual lightworkers, we’re ghosts in the machine. Sooner or later we have to translate our desire to serve into actual actions, projects, activities. And what better place to start. Even if it’s only a start.

Many people have asked me in the past how they can make connections with other lightworkers. My answer now? Through a meet-up.

Others have asked me where to get advice on various matters like the Reval. Answer: Through a meet-up.

How can I meet my sacred partner? Answer: Through a meet-up. Or whatever the nearest equivalent may be.

And, yes, we can meet up and mess up. That can happen and it does happen. But it can also not happen.

Sooner or later, we as lightworkers are going to have to get together. And that will take a getting along, not always easy. That in turn will take a common communicational ground of being. (And I’d need help in developing that. I don’t feel wise enough for the task.)

I can certainly say for myself, the enjoyment of fellowship that I experienced in Seattle, the realization that there were so many eloquent, practicing lightworkers for which I was very thankful came as a real eye-opener for me. It was a very pleasant surprise. How would I know how many lightworkers are out there? I’m virtual too.

Even if we never have contact again, I will remember our meeting of the hearts.

I also see that I was positively not needed at that gathering. And I’m not needed at any future gathering (though I will keep my commitments).

The lightworkers at that meeting did not need sparking. They were already there.

Whether we know it or not, in my view, we are all of us lightworkers already there, some of us actually and some on the verge of getting it. And it’s self-worth that makes all the difference. That’s what the Seattle group showed me. It enhanced my sense of self-worth.  “Hey, this means something!” “Hey, we all want the same thing! Whaddya know?” Thank you, Seattle!

The way of the future, I now see, is collaboration. Even if I’m not so good at it myself, even if I’m a very late bloomer, the truth remains for me: the way of the future is collaboration.

Do we all need to collaborate? No, we don’t need to. But we do need to find our soul group.

And we do need and we will need a common communicational ground of being. Without that, we’ll only get mixed results.

Then we need to meet up, collaborate, work together.

Do everything in your community to draw lightworkers together. Whether or not in this form (a meet-up) doesn’t matter. It’s collaboration (and communication) that counts. Collaboration is the answer, no matter what the question. Unity. Togetherness.

Thank you, Seattle. I got it. Collaboration.


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