Planetary Healing: Work in the Fourth Dimension

Written by Wes Annac, The Aquarius Paradigm

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Here on earth, most of us work tirelessly to provide for ourselves and our families, and much of the work we do here is physical labor that doesn’t have any real or genuine spiritual value. We keep ourselves busy for the sake of physical survival, but as we’ll learn this week, in the fourth dimension, work is done purely for the enjoyment that results from it.

Fourth-dimensional souls enjoy their work, and needless to say, they don’t receive any physical or financial award for it. The rewards they receive are spiritual in nature, and they work for the satisfaction that comes with knowing they were able to help others along their growth.

Our fourth-dimensional family probably works harder than we do, and the difference between their work and ours is that they enjoy themselves and the progress they’re able to make. Nobody forces them to work, as we’ve already learned, and instead, they willingly and enthusiastically take up everything they set out to do.

I think humans should return to this way of life. Instead of working away for the sake of survival, I think we should keep ourselves as busy as we can with projects and creative works that fill us with passion and inspiration, instead of working tirelessly in an office or gruelingly laboring at a job we don’t enjoy.

When we’re in the fourth and fifth dimensions, we’ll enjoy our work because we’ll have the choice as to how we want to do it. We’ll be able to pursue our passions and the things we enjoy the most, and our current ‘every man for himself’ paradigm will have long been replaced with collective enthusiasm to help each other excel to new heights.

Everyone will work together, and nobody will be forced to go without because they didn’t work hard enough to earn their keep.

Our work will accelerate our spiritual evolution and that of the people we choose to help, and instead of being kept down by an ‘elite’ force that has our destruction in mind, we’ll be able to pursue our greatest dreams and help others evolve along the way.

An unnamed spirit communicator tells us that people who physically labor all their lives have a lot of growth and learning to experience in the fourth dimension.

“Those who have spent all their material existence in merely physical labours have to learn everything when they come here.” (1)

I’m sure they have a lot to learn, and we’ve been told that the fourth dimension, while similar to the third, is very different and difficult for people who’ve been used to physical life. People who’ve been used to tirelessly laboring find that they don’t need to work as physically hard and that, in fact, everything they could ever want or hope to do is spiritual.

All of their work is rooted in spirit, and it probably takes some time for newly departed souls to adjust to this kind of life. It’d certainly be difficult to go from one existence to something entirely different, and fortunately, souls are given as much help as they need in adjusting to fourth-dimensional life and starting their spiritual work.

Spiritual work is very different from physical work, and it involves looking within and using what’s there to help ourselves and others along the evolutionary path. If we don’t have much energy or vitality within, our spiritual work could be much harder, but if we carry enough inner light, our work will be enjoyable and free-flowing.

We’ll enjoy ourselves much more in spirit if we live basically good lives or make it a point to fill ourselves with as much love and light as we can while we’re here, and this will drastically affect our spiritual work and the ease with which we go about it.

Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson compares the work we’ll do in spirit with the work we do on earth.

“I want to try to give you some slight idea of the immensity of the range of occupations in which one can become engaged here in these realms.

“Your thoughts will at once turn to the many and varied occupations of the earth world, covering every shade of earthly activity. But behind the earth world’s occupations is the ever-driving necessity of earning a living, of providing the body with food and drink, clothing and a habitation of some sort. Now, you already know that these last four considerations have no existence whatever with us here.” (2)

Fourth-dimensional souls don’t have to worry about physically providing for themselves or their families, because they can manifest everything they’d ever want with a single thought. This is how strong our creation abilities are, but our reality’s denser on earth and it takes longer for our creations to manifest.

In the fourth dimension, though, thoughts and desires manifest instantly. This is one of the reasons we’re encouraged to monitor our thoughts and feelings while we’re on earth, and when we’re in the higher realms, all of our thoughts will become reality, which is either good or bad depending on what those thoughts are.

If we think negatively here on earth, we’ll receive our negative creations when we move on from physicality. It can be no other way, and in time, everyone will realize that they create their reality with the things they think, and when they do, I’m sure a lot of them will align their thoughts with the spiritually inspired lives they want to live.

Deep down, we all want to live for spirit, but some people haven’t realized it (or don’t even know spirit exists) and, as such, fill their spiritual void with material things that only temporarily satisfy their hungry egos.

Benson continues, telling us that most fourth-dimensional souls experience the reality they sowed for themselves on earth when they pass on.

“Food and drink we never need; the clothing and the habitation we have provided for ourselves by our lives upon earth. As our lives have been on earth, so will our clothing and our domicile be when we come to spirit lands. We have, as you see, no physical necessity to work, but we do have a mental necessity to work and it is because of the latter that all work is a pleasure with us here.” (3)

Our fourth-dimensional family enjoys the work they do because they feel spiritually compelled to do it, and I can attest to the satisfaction that results from enjoying our work. I enjoy writing about spirit (or I wouldn’t be doing it) and at the end of the day, I feel satisfied knowing I was able to offer myself to humanity’s evolution by writing or channeling about it.

If we were all spiritually active, the planetary vibration would rise and we’d all feel much, much better than we usually do. Our self-satisfaction will rise when we start doing things we enjoy, and in regards to work, our family beyond seems to have it all figured out.

They don’t have to do anything they don’t want to, and they enjoy everything they choose to do. What more could you ask for?

I feel more than blessed to be in the position I’m in – writing about spirit all day, every day from the comfort of a home I’m very fortunate to have.

This wholeness is apparently intensified in the fourth dimension and beyond, where souls joyously follow their passion with the understanding that they’re divine, spiritual beings who are on a mission to raise their vibration and that of anyone else they choose to assist.

We’re all divine, spiritual beings, of course, but this is much easier to realize in the higher fourth-dimensional planes, where spirit’s a pervasive reality.

Benson then encourages us to imagine a world where spiritual work has overtaken physical work.

“Imagine yourself in a world where no one works for a living, but where everyone works for the sheer joy of doing something that will be of service to others. …

“A great many earthly occupations have no application whatever to the spirit world. Useful and necessary as they are, they belong essentially to the earthly period of life. What then becomes of people who occupied such a position as I have just mentioned?

“They will discover, immediately they are fully aware of their new state, that they have left their earthly avocation behind forever.” (4)

People who labored gruelingly on earth will recognize that their physical labors are over when they reach the fourth dimension, and once they get used to their new way of life, they’re able to start their spiritual work and ‘labor’ harder than ever before in the name of raising consciousness and awareness.

However difficult it might initially be to adjust to the conditions of their new lives, everyone’s eventually able to and, from there, work as hard as they want to help themselves and everyone around them become aware of spirit in greater and purer ways.

Spirit’s already a pervasive reality in the fourth dimension, but this doesn’t mean the search for enlightenment just ends. Quite the opposite – it gains strength like never before and seekers do everything they can to reach the next state of consciousness, which gives them a purer glimpse of Source and the spiritual nature of existence.

In our final quote, Benson tells us that most souls aren’t bothered by the absence of physical labor and are, in fact, delighted at the opportunity to excel spiritually.

“They will see that the spirit world does not offer the same or similar work for them. But this does not cause regret or unhappiness because the need for physical subsistence no longer exists with [them], and in place of it such people feel gloriously free to engage themselves in some new work.

“They need never wonder what they are fitted for; they will soon find something which attracts their attention and draws their interest. And it will not be long before they are joining their fellows in learning some new occupation and thoroughly enjoying themselves.” (5)

It’s great to know that people who’ve been used to the toil of physical labor are able to find a spiritual practice or project that interests them when they pass on, because everyone wants to feel useful – especially in a higher state of consciousness.

I know that if my vibration was just a little higher, I’d work far harder than I already do for humanity’s evolution and our construction of a new society. My vibration’s fine where it’s at for the moment, but I have a feeling that if it was just the slightest bit purer, my work would increase exponentially.

This is probably what happens to a lot of people who pass into the fourth dimension. Whether they were used to physically laboring on earth or not, their vibration lightens with every bit of ‘time’ they spend in the realms beyond and, as such, their drive to assist in the evolution of all of creation is strengthened.

The more we’re aware, the more we’ll seek to be of service. Some of you might disagree, and of course, every path is different. I’m sure everyone doesn’t choose the path of service when they lighten their vibration, but it seems clear that most souls do.

Most souls seem very concerned with helping others, especially those of us who’ve lowered our vibration to help the earth and its people evolve.

Unless something else comes up that I think is worth writing about, we’ll continue along this line of discussion for next week’s planetary healing. I don’t know about any of you, but I’m very interested in the work our fourth-dimensional family is doing and I think it’s a great topic to discuss for this segment.

Our work, and that of our fourth-dimensional family, is geared toward helping heal the planet, and this is why this discussion seems appropriate. Remember, fellow seekers: the lighter our vibration is, the more able we’ll be to help humanity and the rest of creation evolve.

We just have to lighten our vibration, and when we do, we’ll enjoy our work far more than if we did it from a low place.


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  1. Aren’t we going to the 5th dimension with our physical bodies, albeit in crystalline form?

    Who is going to cut the grasses that grow on the streets? Who will take the garbage out?

    Who will do the work that no one wants to do, and do it out of necessity?

    It is very hard to imagine such a world with the mentality that we find in here on Earth.

    As one of my aunts asked: who will fix my cupboards?

    Who will paint houses? (no “easy” job)

    Sometimes I think all these stories are to keep a carrot dangling in front of us!

    If it was not for the physical sensations of the New Energetic Reality that I am feeling with my whole body, I would not believe so much these channelled messages.

    Too much “idealistic”.

    The “elite” are where they are because they know how human nature works on the 3rd dimension. Or they know how to “work” us all with it.

    The 5D Raver


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