‘Not Just a Blonde’: Love Links Us

Love Links Us

We weren’t created to be self-sufficient but to need each-other. We each need love. Love is something that is meant to be shared with each-other. This need is something we each have in common and should never bring us shame.

Love is Divine energy. Love is a living moving thing! Love is always going somewhere. Love is always doing something. Love links us to the heart of God.

When love seems still it is not. Although it holds us in the stillness, it’s energy is swirling around us in a holy embrace. Although Love is present in solitude, it feels most at home in the company of others.

Even when we love ourselves, love is not stagnant. This is when love’s power is projecting from our spirit-self towards our earth-self. Love’s power radiating through us… to us.

Love’s energy reaches us no matter where we are, who we are with or what we are doing. We cannot contain love. Love in it’s purest form is intended to be shared… from God’s heart into ours… then through our hearts onto others!

Love links us to each other and to God.

❤️Ann ‘Not Just A Blonde’


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