Lucas: A Personal Note – You All Are Contributing To The New

Logo Lucas_square_wordsWritten by Lucas, Lucas2012infos.

It is a very challenging time for most on this planet as well as me. I have to acknowledge that for sure as I personally go through a lot. My choice not to be part of groups but serve all with my blog, my observations and views and also unseen work behind the scenes is to be holding the vision for all humanity and the awakening and shift of all. I want for all to have equal access to the abundance upon earth as well as the abundance from our inner heart-source connection.

I have been giving my views on things in a bigger perspective and sometimes along the way I was calling upon some to be truthful  and really transparent as well as I was pointing out some views or mostly opinions that are not the same as “The Truth” but just a truth from a certain perception or frequency level. In this I mostly got the stick for calling upon others to see what opinion or perception they were putting out there. Most humans still do not like to be confronted with their own doing and energy of imbalance.

I have seen lots of very heartbreaking stories pass and helped along my path a lot of people with encouragement and when I could myself with some financial support. I got myself in service to all loosing all as my last bits of what is mine will be no more. I lost some years time ago my job got into self-employment after that and lost during the deepening socio-economic crisis all my clients. I started my blog already during this tumultus time. l do my blog as a mission, not as a job. It is my inner-conviction to keep you posted and I do this even with all the troubles along my path freely and with love and joy.

In not wanting to get back into the system where people are getting forced into unemployment and benefits and more and more restrictions towards their already unfree world I chose a not easy path as I chose to not have an income but only that is freely given to me to survive. There is no advertisement, no marketing, no other source of money to keep me alive. Donations are the only thing I gracefully try to survive upon.

I see lots of ongoing inequality and see people not sharing and caring but having still the me, myself and I principle they live by or even institutionalize in their chosen communities or groups of separation put in first place. A lot is still done for personal interest or group interest and not for the interests of the whole of humanity. The choice is often not to be transparent about just running the old paradigm business or going for a business model. The NEW is not about asking money in return for services, etc,  under the guise of doing it for all humanity. If you provide paid for services to make an basic income to live upon that is fine. Just call it that.

Keep your intent clear. If it is a business call it that way. If it is not, act upon it. If you cannot be transparent do not ask others to be so…If you defend yourselves with lots of love and spiritual talk just smothering the polarity that you represent  you might be going into really feeling inside for answers. It is also showing imbalance within if you get ridiculing and threatening people and  defame others to make sure the questions asked are not answered but buried. The questions do not go away that way.

The transition we are in has taken a big toll on all of us in emotional, and physical sense. Death and sickness, poverty, hunger, lack is seen everywhere. It is just a side of this transition that is ugly. In spirit and connection to source  all of you have grown exponentially. We all are going through our personal process becoming the balanced conflictless humans again that are great individual creator beings. We will learn to work together without having the need of governance and leaders eventually. We will learn to be doing all first for all of humanity before doing and being for each of our selves.

I have observed the spiritual growth of humanity and I see that we have made leaps since 2011 till for sure. I have seen things are changing and last choices towards a personal yes or no of shifting in the new paradigm are about to be made by you all. You are asked all to work on all that polarity still out there and put in front of you to handle. Get it balanced.

Some have been the first in their way contributing towards the awakening of humanity and some of them have evolved others have become from the “masters” they often called themselves pupils again. Also lots have been making conscious choices to still promote or prolong the old paradigm. It is all part of your own paths. There is still no wrong or right in this, it just all IS.

In the end there is just One thing we will recognize: We came all from that One source of eternal love that is in each of our core being. Source wanted to explore duality through our eyes. The knowledge of that exploration we take with us and in the new as we balance out all.  That means balance not get rid off.

We will bring new experiences into manifestation that have no force of unbalance within. We will slowly see, hear, read and feel inside the signs of change and ongoing balance. We will find a way to manifest the new.

I thank you all for being part of my journey as an observer and in service to all. My inner knowing is that when support will not be coming in anymore source will provide a solution somehow or take me back.

Love you all eternally and make it happen for all of humanity. You all are contributing to the new even when you are thinking not to be doing so.

Love and Light,


All the lightservers in service to all would love your support today! Share and care!

(c) 2014 –  Copyright of Lucas, all writings of Lucas maybe published, re-blogged and posted only in full without altering anything with  the  link  mentioned in the article with name of the author Lucas.


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