A Thought from John Smallman…

John Smallman Note from Stephen Cook: John, as we know, is the channeler of messages from both Jesus and Saul. This is one of his insightful personal musings.

By John Smallman, April 14, 2014 – http://tinyurl.com/p68xdfv | Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

We were created perfect by God, our Mother/Father, the divine Source of all that exists, Who is eternally and infinitely perfect.

Therefore we are perfect — not our human vehicles that are built afresh in every moment and driven by our egos, but our true eternal Selves — magnificent beyond anything of which we can conceive.

So, because we are complete, we need and can do nothing to change our condition. Improvement is impossible because we are already eternally perfect, just as we were created. To seek to improve on that is arrogant in the extreme, because it suggests that we think we can improve on God’s work.

Self-assessment, self-judgment, anxiety, worry, unworthiness, and fear are all aspects of the egoic illusion that we built to hide Reality from us while we played at being independent beings aloof from or removed from our Creator.

The way home, the way to our awakening is to let go of all thought of making ourselves better, worthier, or more pleasing to God, because there is nothing that we can do to make ourselves more perfect or more appealing than He has already created us.

All that we need to do to find our way home, to bring us to awakening, is to accept the Love that we are offered in every moment and which we, on the whole, refuse to acknowledge, let alone accept, because, having apparently made a terrible error and separated ourselves from our divine and loving Source, we believe ourselves unworthy of all that He offers us. However, our own self-assessments are meaningless and quite unreal.

We need only release our own egoic, unreal, and invalid self-judgments and, instead of flinching or turning away from His loving Presence in a welter of self-disgust, allow God to enfold us in His loving arms, as is His eternal Will.

Remember, God is changeless, and, therefore, so is His Love for us.

Allow the joy of that thought to embrace and comfort you, as is its intent.

With love and hugs, John. 4/14/14. (or 14/4/14 depending where you’re from!)


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