Duffy Doherty: The Stew of Consciousness

by Duffy Doherty

Thanks to The Galactic Free Press.

“The Stew of Consciousness” contains an infinite variety of perspectives (ingredients) … you and I are simply a part of the same stew. The Universe is unfolding with its purpose, and the stew is always changing.

 An attempt at isolating one’s personal (or collective) piece of potato behind an imaginary rampart is not going to inhibit the flavoring of the stew.
The stew will continue to simmer without regard to the Egoic fortresses sprinkled here and there, and spending one’s energy constantly defending the purity of one’s personal potato is only keeping them from savoring the stew in its entirety.

As much as our Ego tries desperately to see itself as apart from “All Things,” it and you are A PART of it … as significant as any other AND as insignificant as any other.  Anything other than a complete surrendering of the concept of separation is a deception, no more than a parlor trick, but one played on our self …
BEgin right now to notice your connection to everyone and everything. BEgin right now to notice that all of the separation you perceive is simply a matter of perspective, an imaginary fortress your Ego has built around your personal potato in an attempt at preventing any pollution from the Stew…

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