Brad Austen: My Personal Meditation Journey

Brad Austen: My Personal Meditation Journey

My personal meditation journey began in 2006, when my Mum suggested I go to a spiritual institute that was in a nearby suburb. I have always been a bit shy socially, but I eventually built up the courage to investigate. This spiritual school offered many different classes and courses in the spiritual field. I spoke to the receptionist there and took home some brochures on meditation and psychic development. I later rang and booked to attend a meditation class.

One evening, I attended a meditation class that was run by the meditation teacher there by the name of Debra Bull. I really enjoyed Deb’s guided meditations, and regularly attended her class one night a week. I recall a powerful vision I had during one of the meditations. It was very vivid and clear. I saw a giant golden Buddha sitting cross-legged, the size of a large room. It was amazing, and one of the most powerful visions I had ever experienced. The Buddha didn’t speak; he just sat with a big smile on his face.

Later on, I pondered what the meaning of the vision was, because I felt it was significant. For me personally, a Buddha represents ascension and attaining spiritual growth. The colour gold represents enlightenment of the heart and mind. This vision was so profound; I wanted to express it on paper. This drawing later became the cover artwork of my first guided meditation CD.

I was really enjoying attending these meditation classes with Deb; people in the class would often say I was glowing after the class. It was nice to connect with like-minded people, and share the journey with others. I later went on to study Psychic Development with Deb, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Around the same time, I had just quit a difficult addiction with smoking, and later recorded my journey on an audio CD. One evening during a meditation class, I had the idea to create a guided meditation CD. This was around the time; I met my music composer, Justin Smith on a chat server online. Justin had composed mainly chillout music, but liked the idea of composing some music for a meditation CD.

In 2007, I completed my first guided meditation CD with Justin. I went on to create a new guided meditation CD each year after that. I really enjoy using my imagination and spiritual insight to take people on a journey of relaxation, self-discovery and healing. To share a spiritual journey with others I feel is quite special.

A few years later, I went on to study Mediumship with Helga Carmona at another spiritual centre. I really enjoyed connecting to spirit guides and departed loved ones. During this course, my ability to connect to spirit became stronger and easier. I began to connect to Ascended Masters Saint Germaine and Merlin, who helped me with writing my meditations.

Later on, I was given the opportunity to teach meditation classes at the spiritual centre. I was a bit nervous at first, but became more confident as time went on. The classes were usually intimate, only a handful of people. I found that I could connect to my higher self and channel the class, depending on what the class members needed at the time. It also served as great material for future meditation CDs. Many of the meditations I channeled in class have been recorded to CD.

I am grateful to having met Nigel Coates online, with his explore meditation website. In the digital age we live in, more and more people are using MP3 players instead of CD players and Hi Fi’s. I’m happy to share my guided meditations with Nigel, to help reach a larger spiritual audience online. Today I am still passionate about creating guided meditation CDs and MP3s, and hope to create many more in the future.

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