The Dangers of Spiritual Elitism

Written by Will, the Galactic Free Press.

While this isn’t true for everyone, there’s a kind of elitism fairly common in spiritual groups. Some people have this illusion that they know so much more than everyone else, and this makes them “better”.

There’s these loaded terms like “awakened” and “enlightened”, and while these terms do mean something, the people who like to brag about being such are usually neither awakened nor enlightened. They’ve only taken the first few steps down that path. The ego likes to compare itself to others to gain a false sense of self-worth, and when they look at the sleeping masses they believe they’re so much better.

I tell you a baker who does his work with love and joy, who has true respect for others and shares his happiness, this person is doing God’s Work. This person can easily be doing far more to help humanity raise up out of fear than a person who’s read a hundred spiritual books and pays thousands of dollars to attend the “best” spiritual retreats and conferences. Without the essential inner work, that stuff does nothing by itself, and can actually build up just as many illusions as it dissolves. Pay very close attention, you may be releasing one illusion only to replace it with another.

There a number of spiritual groups that on the surface say they’re all about love, equality, and everyone stepping into their divinity, yet when you dig a little deeper you may notice the way they behave, and what they’re really telling people is something else entirely. What I consider to be the epitome of spiritual elitism is something that has nothing to do with Spirit, it’s your basic authoritarianism.

There’s tons of spiritual groups that revolve around some central authority figure who’s supposed to tell everyone what the truth is. They’ll make all sorts of predictions for the future, and try to tell you how to live your life. It’s probably the standard way of doing things in spiritual groups, yet it’s very much the old paradigm. It’s how businesses and government are run, it’s an ignorant and dangerous thing. It encourages people to search for truth outside of themselves, which continues the old religious ways of doing things. If you think I’m a bit hypocritical for saying these things, that’s good, it means you’re understanding what’s being said here.

Our goal at the Galactic Free Press is two-fold, though both goals feed into each other. We want to break down illusions, and we want to assist people in finding Truth within. You are your own authority, unless you are foolish enough to give that away to someone else. Nobody is better or worse than another, and when you stop judging yourself based upon others, then you’ll be free to really be Yourself. We are all aspects of God, not one more important than the other. That’s not how God works, that’s not what God Is, and you are in no way separate from God.

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