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lisagawlas2I have said many times, I use dates and timelines to tell a story, but time is far from linear.  These last few days, I really got to understand the fullness of what I say.  Phew baby even!!

December has been a very intimidating month for me.  We have shifted and raised the light quotient so flipping much, that I truly feel like I am running to catch up in every reading.  Well, there was something already brewing beneath my own surface the morning of the 14th.  I was actually feeling nervous, really intimidated doing readings, I cannot remember ever feeling quite like this before, except maybe when I first started reading professionally back in 2003.

The light, the visuals were coming out at such a high frequency of energy, I started to feel the cracks form and open in my skull.  By the time I got to my third reading of the day, I could see and feel a billowing of light energy coming out of the left side of my forehead.  Ouchies.  Even my lovely lady mentioned having a headache that morning.  But her reading, her visuals, was really going to give me a run for the money.  It came out (much more beautifully) like this:


The two things I did understand is that energy was aligned with the closing of March, and that loop thing, was something out of her regular path upwards and yet, tied everything together as she concluded the first quarter of 2014.  The stars represent choice potentials, one choice (going on a pilgrimage to Mexico) engulfed her in this energy, and let me tell you, I felt the engulfment!!  Phew!!  The star towards the bottom took her outside of her self (something to do with an event in Sedona.)  What can be so funny is when your soul energy gives me the equivalent of a blank stare.  Meaning, if you want to, go ahead, but really what you seek from that experience, you already have.

For the first half of our connection, while I was trying to understand this outer loop thingie and what it meant to hear, my left side kept seizing up in a cramp every time I looked at her in this loop thing.  My body will always try to exclamate a message, but I do not always understand it in the moment.  Left side, physical life, muscle cramping, a concentration of energy to bring everything together more tightly (think less muscle and more experience.)

The fact that the loop was suspended in air, yet connected to her upward ascent (vibrationally) I knew one thing for sure, something was off her usual path, and that is no doubt, Mexico!!  I could feel it!!  (smile)

By the time we ended our connection, my head just seemed to let go in all directions.  By the time I connected with my last reading of the day, all I got was a great big ole red stop sign.  I knew, my own team put me in time out!!  Dammit!

When I woke up yesterday, I couldn’t even bring myself to attempt a blog.  Strange really.  So I thought about a bath, since I had plenty of time before my first connection.  Nope, seems I ended up in a shower by virtue of a strong inner impulse.  Ok, now this is really strange.  I attempted my first reading of the day… nuttin.  Super dammit!

It started to become a very strange day in my biology.  It kinda felt like an explosion of light, but the light shards formed a thread (from deep inside) and started to come out of my pores and just strung itself any old where.  I wish I could say this was pleasant, I would be a liar tho.  It felt more like being beat with a light stick from the inside out.

But of course, it can get much stranger.  I was sitting on my couch, trying to massage my achy muscles and slightly bitching to my team about how my biology is feeling and they give me this image of a cake with really thick yummy looking icing on it.  They even said it was icing on the cake.  I wondered how a cake feels when it is getting iced!!??

My last reschedule of the day was creeping up… someone new that I had never read for before.  Welcome to my world of rescheduling!!  Dammit.  The moment I thought of her, suddenly sheez… I had this tremendous burst of childlike excitement.  Holy happy batman!!  What the hell??  I couldn’t wait to find out what this was all about, I still have 15 minutes before our connection, I waited 10… then called her.  I was really hoping to be able to do a reading, but no, even if I could I am not sure I would have been able to hold myself together from the sheer excitement all in me and around me.  Thank god she was feeling it too… and had biology ouchies in the same place as me.  And then she said it… “it was icing on the cake.”  It was like this huge explosion happened the moment she uttered the same words as my own crazy ass soul did just 15 minutes earlier.  I have no clue what it all means… yet, but am soooo excited to find out this week.

So here I am, all revved up with no place to go.  Sitting on my couch, putting icy hot on my ouchie spots, giggling for no other reason than I can… when suddenly I felt compelled to go put on an outfit that was my dad’s.  An Indian ceremonial outfit that he had custom-made for himself.  However, by the time he got this outfit, he had already outgrown it (gained too much weight to wear it.)  It hung on the door I slept in at his house, and kept falling on the floor (its heavy.)  When his wife mentioned she was going to bury this outfit with my dad because he loved it so much, my heart dropped to my feet and I asked if I can have it instead.  She was happy to give it to me, especially since she knows the story of Chief Wandering Eagle (my dad in a previous lifetime.)

I only put on the top (there are chaps, a necklace and a medicine pouch that complete the outfit) and my inner child came alive.  I am not really good at taking “selfies” but I felt like I was on a mission to capture…. something.  Maybe the way I was feeling??  I dunno.  I grabbed my cell phone and snapped a few, all were blurry and what looked like over flashed.  So I took out my orb camera, nope… same thing.  Strange.  So I used my webcam one, I didn’t have to hold it,  just click the mouse when I was ready.  I finally got one that wasn’t too blurry and whited out.  (I will put it at the very end of this sharing.)  The impulse within me to wave high during this shot… overwhelming and giddy even.

As I finally started to wind down for the day and get ready for sleep, I suddenly remember that it was the one month anniversary of my fathers transition back to HimSelf.  And now I realize he used me to take a selfie in an outfit he finally fits into.  As I fell asleep, he sent flashes of images of me/us dancing and doing ceremony out in the back.  I now know how I am going to spend the 21st (after the readings of course.)

What I already realized last evening too, I have been calling December 21st the equinox, when it really is a solstice (and no one corrected me either lol.)  Equinox, where night and light are equal.  Yup, that’s where we are as a galactic event!!  And many are now on what I call the other side of the 21st.  This is exciting!!!!

I must have had those beers with my dad that I never got to have while he was in body, cuz when i woke up this morning, I swear I was drunk.  I wobbled to the coffee pot and kept blinking my eyes into focus.

As I sat to see if I can muster a sharing, I hear my father’s word “We did it,”  celebrating.  And I echo it back to you, WE DID IT!!

((((HUGZ)))) of celebration and drunken excitement to ALL OF US!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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