Aisha North: The Manuscript of Survival – Part 379

By: Aisha North, 12/14/2013 | Thanks to:

As you have perhaps already ascertained, these incoming waves of energetic flux can be rather bothersome at times. That is, your physical body may have a hard time keeping up with all of these fluctuations, but again, we implore you to remember that they are all in fact doing you a world of good. And we do mean that in every sense of the word. For these waves are pushing you further and further ahead, as the changes they bring within you are preparing you more and more for that upcoming energetic implosion, if we can use such a word.


For this will in many ways be likened to an implosion, where the pressure from the outside will create an impressive effect on the inside. And then, you will all start to unfold yourself and go up in bloom. For the seed that was implanted within you from the very beginning, and that has been lying dormant for eons, has been carefully watered and nurtured these last few years. And as such, it is now more than ready to take that decisive leap and burst forth in all of its glory.


For by your willingness to search for that seed within, you gave it the chance to germinate after this long, long sleep, and now, as in the journey of all seeds, comes that all important phase when that first little sapling that broke free of the shell stands poised to start to grow and unfold in earnest.


For you have only seen that very first little green sprout, but as with everything in nature, that first little growth gives little away of the beauty and magnificence it has in store. For will this little sapling turn into a giant oak tree? Or perhaps a resplendent shrub, covered in a multi-colored display of finery? Only time will tell, for even if you all carry similar looking seeds within, they are all programmed to become a variety of different species once they start to grow and unfold in earnest, so by looking around you now, you cannot know what any of you will turn into once this growth spurt picks up speed.


So when this huge shower of energetic rain hits you, it will indeed signal the start of this final unfoldment, and you will all cast off those old remnants of the little seed that once contained you, and start to grow into the one that you truly are. But until then, we will do all we can to prepare you for this important stage of your own rebirth, and as such, you will continue to feel the incoming energetic booster rockets push and pull at you in so many ways. For what we are doing, is simply to make sure that you are well prepared for this last and final show of strength that will enable you to come forth as the ONE, the one you are here to be, the one that contains it ALL, the one that will do what it takes to make this whole planet become as if new again.


For as you each step into your true one, the roles that are already programmed within you in those seeds you carry within your every cell, you will find that truth you have been searching for for all of your lives. Yes, lives as in plural, for that whisper from your very core, your DNA, has been carried with you all the way from your beginning, as the ghost in the machine if you will, and even if you at no stage may have been able to consciously connect with this dormant core within, it has still been there and helped you to evolve towards this, your final destination if you will.


For this is it, this is the life that will change every single life you have ever had, and through that, change the life of every single person on this planet. For as you awaken, and step into the wholeness that is the true YOU, the effects from your personal unfoldment will reach out, like those proverbial ripples on the surface of the water.


For as you change gears and start to vibrate at the frequency that has been there waiting for you for so long to tune into, you will send it out far and wide, and through that, touch the very soul of every living being on this planet. So you will touch the hearts and the minds of your fellow men, but you will also make the rest of this living planet sing out in joy alongside you. For everything will know it, in the same instance that you yourself make this monumental discovery of the real you, and as such, your personal journey will instantly become a global one, in every sense of the word.


So take whatever may come in the form of some rather intense energetic transmissions for what they are, a much needed extra support in order to prepare you to go forth and become the real you, the final blossoming of that long dormant seed, the final unfoldment into the magnificent being that has been lying within you, waiting to come out and show itself in all of its glory.


The road you have traveled, and indeed the few short steps that you still have to take to get you to that final blossoming may not be described as easy and uncomplicated, but we know you will all come to the stage when you will shout out in unison, “it was all worth it in the end, for now, I see ME, and I rejoice with all that I am, for what I have made myself become, and for allowing myself to become it”. For you are the ones doing it. We can only support you in any way we can, but it is you, and only you, who will have turned that dormant seed into the most magnificent of creations. We cannot wait to see you all in the fullest of bloom!

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