Lucas: A Spiritual Christmas Story

Written by Lucas, Lucas2012infos, Rainbow Wicker by Wle2

Viewing the stars just becoming visible after darkness fell on this clear cold winter evening made me review the relativity of that what is as all is just so grand. The more I focused seeing out of my window towards those bright twinkling stars I got drawn towards being part of that great thing we in all are humble little ways are part of is what makes up reality of the now.

I felt a little energy shiver pouring down my spinal core. Was it a sign I connected or just the notice to see all as it just is.  My focus went deeper into the dark evening now turning into night sky. It was like I more and more just not saw the dark anymore but discovered more and more lights and things moving in the skies.

Would there be other life out there. It sure must be. If we think in Christmas terms would there be an elf or angel of light be showing itself or would it be some  inter-dimensional being we seem to talk a lot about and see some videos and reports on. It is clear there must be lots of life out there.In my vision life is for sure an energy experience in all its facets and fractals.

I got curious to sent out by intent and with love a little message to all those that are out there.  If we all are just as I see it connected there is always some family from a far distance that might not look or seem to be related out there that will hear  my energy message. I am curious towards the answer. In pondering on about the vastness of our beautiful universe portrait on the black canvas I slowly closed the curtains to sit in my chair.

I fell a sleep in my chair next to that little Christmas tree I made of wicker and some lights and with little red ribbons and some cardboard painted snowflakes and other figures covered in aluminium foil. It is always nice to have a bit of cosy little decorations that make up for the cold winter. A bit of creativity can make a lot from basic scraps or parts you have or easily can get yourself.

I snored a huge hole in my night and was dreaming. In my dream I woke up and found myself talking to at first a familiar being that had human like features but also not.  It appeared to be, as I understood a bit later, an Acturian that had heard my call and visited me so he said. What am I awake then I asked. No the Arcturian said you are seeing me in your dream and dreams are also reality spaces. So even dreaming, you are real.

The Arcturian knotted his had and laughed. I was feeling like a human floating on a bed of love as that was the energy I felt coming from it. Must I call it IT. It was strange to me that I was talking in my head with it not verbally as you would think to be normal.  I understood it was a telepathic conversation. Yes, that it was.  I understood all just like someone was talking in my language only I not heard it really but felt and saw it in images and symbols.

Funny to be having this experience. One minute you stand before your window and the next you sleep and talk to that what you called for… It was great but also weird. I had a warm feeling from the conversation with the Arcturian. It felt so natural to be having this talk. At a certain point all blurred away and I got slowly awake. I was smiling and felt tremendously energized and so blissful as if I just had danced with an angel.

I was hugely surprised when I looked at the self-made Christmas tree next to me. It had transformed into a real tree with the most beautiful natural ornaments and decorations and beautiful star like little lights that twinkled like the stars I saw earlier in the night sky. It was awesome. It was crowned with a beautiful pulsing star and  I was in my thoughts thanking my friend from the skies for his gift that I knew now was given to me by the Arcturian.

It was a night to remember and even without a present or christmas gift or great christmas diner or feast I would remember for all ways that what I had experienced and felt. It was truly a spiritual Christmas story I could tell for decennia to come.

Have a nice Christmas, a blissful and loving feast for all. Remember the gift of love is always coming in unexpexted ways. You can also be that gift of love and make a difference to someones life even in the smallest way.

Love you all.


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