Karen Doonan: Working With Smoke and Mirrors

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Many of you at this time may be experiencing vast energy surges and overwhelming emotions, this is all part of the emotional rebalancing that is asked for by the New Earth and the new energetic signature of Planet Earth, for as the planet heightens and expands in vibration and frequency then so do the children of said planet, the human race. For many the symptoms may appear and disappear apparently “randomly” with many of them perhaps placed at the door of “flu”, “colds” etc. It is to be noted that YOUr SOUL is guiding this entire process and that ALL within the universe is by DESIGN, nothing is by co-incidence or “chance”, all is a creation of the frequencies that exist within said universe.

I have blogged previously about the “smoke” and “mirrors” used by the old 3d earth as a tool to contain and suppress and perhaps one of the most distorted mirrors that is used is that of deep emotion, in particular fear and anger. Nothing distorts your vision like a surge of anger or fear and this is deliberate for it is only by clearing your vision that you may achieve balance, no one ever found balance through holding on to their anger.  At this time upon and within planet earth the human emotions are in overload, for many of you YOUr SOUL has chosen this as a “quick” release, a way of moving you rapidly through the denser frequencies is to overload the human vehicle so that surrender and outpouring of emotion is the option of choice. It may see many of you moved to tears of frustration as scenarios/events tip you “over the edge” and yet the release is what YOUr SOUL is trying to show you. For through the release of pent up and stored emotion there is a freeing of SELF.

I live in the UK and can only speak from living here in relation to emotion, the UK promotes at all times “a stiff upper lip”, there seems to be a culture of smiling through pain in the UK and certainly in Scotland where reference is always made of how the Scots are made of “stern” stuff. Indeed it takes a lot to move a Scottish man to tears and the Scottish women tend to focus on their anger to move them through situations and scenarios. This reflects of course in the health of Scotland, with heart attacks and strokes top of the list of “illness” and a low life “expectancy” also.  To fuel your life experience through anger and fear damages the human vehicle, the frequencies very low and dense.

Many are of the assumption that simply thinking positive and plastering on a smile will somehow move them into a better life and this is highly distorted. In order for the New Earth frequencies to FLOW through, around and within your human vehicle the HEART must be clear, a heart full of pain, anger, grief and fear is a HEART that is closed and stagnant. GRIEF is a huge trigger for many and as the energies begin once more to heighten then more will choose to leave their physical forms and leave the planet. For those left behind the trigger is the gift, for in allowing the GRIEF to unfold, in allowing the pain to be experienced and to FLOW the HEART clears.

I have experienced GRIEF in many different ways, each one completely different.  The episodes of grief peppered throughout my life experience on this planet.  My early childhood experiences of GRIEF in stark contrast to adult experiences of grief where the old 3d earth now actively tries to distort the grieving process and GRIEF IS a process. There is no logic to the process, it is a personal journey but ALWAYS there is a gift in the passing of the human form.  Those who get “stuck” in the process begin to become blinded by the process, for death is a transition as all of life is a transition. The SOUL choosing when and where to leave the physical at ALL TIMES.  NOTHING is by accident or co-incidence in the universe, the SOUL oversees ALL.

This is a “time of year” that has been artificially TRIGGERED on ALL levels of the human life experience. From the overload of advertising and festive cheer to the pain of loss that is triggered by the adverts of “happy families” that seem to be everywhere you look.  This combined with the birth of the New Earth and the expansive and deepening frequencies is not by accident, it is by DESIGN.   In viewing the “season”, the triggering and the New Earth frequencies as the GIFT that YOUr SOUL is giving you then you can work to move THROUGH the emotions that now attempt to rise. For many are attempting to be cheerful to keep up the “pretense” of being festive.  The pretense is NOT TRUTH, it is NOT TRUTH to pretend to by happy when inside you feel adrift and this will begin to unfold more and more rapidly.

The old 3d earth will try to convince you to smile and carry on, consuming and plastering over the cracks with “things” and YOUr SOUL asks you to stand in the LIGHT of the LOVE that IS and LOVE SELF, FORGIVE SELF and NURTURE SELF.  For without taking care of SELF and nurturing SELF how can you extend your LOVE and your LIGHT to those around YOU?  For many of you at this time fear will begin to be reflected back at you by the old 3d earth and by standing and facing the “fear” you will begin to dissolve said fear. For it is a reflection of the world that you have been TAUGHT to live within, it is NOT a reflection of who YOU ARE in TRUTH.

Who YOU ARE in TRUTH is LOVE, you came here to this planet to experience the separation and to work your way back to being whole and balanced, that could only be done by the journey that YOUr SOUL chose to take.  At this time the connection to YOUr SOUL strengthens and expands at ALL times, YOUr SOUL will now place the mirrors you have been TAUGHT to look in and to accept before YOU, it will ask you to LOOK into the mirror and then dissolve the reflection for YOU are not found in the mirror, YOU ARE YOU and YOU are behind the mirror, in order to see this and accept this you must dissolve the reflection in the mirror. Others at this time in your human life may be trying to convince you to look into their mirrors and accept their reflection as your own and again this is NOT TRUTH and is not supported in the New Earth.

At this moment YOU are asked to nurture SELF and to allow the HEART to open and the energies to FLOW.  Allow ALL emotions to surface and then allow them to be dissolved by having LOVE for SELF, for LOVE is the highest frequency and the very fabric of the universe, it knows NO boundaries, no race, no colour and it is FREELY AVAILABLE, it is the most expansive GIFT that you can ACCEPT FOR SELF. It is offered to YOU at all times by YOUr SOUL, the choice of whether to accept this gift is YOUrs and YOUrs alone.


(c) Karen Doonan, all rights reserved.

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