The red thread of our new time to be loopholed with Hatonn dated 10.30.2013

Illuminations Now!!

Telepathy or Channeling ? Basic reflections on it ….

Posted Original in German on Oct.30, 2013
Translation into English on Nov. 24, 2013


Telepathic Talks …. channeled Talks

As I originally wanted to proceed here – according to some fixed and manifested linear structure drawn up beforehand about the sequence of publications here on my blog – I now realize it was some real set-back to old and foregone procedures of linear structures i.e. setting some premissed assumption beforehand and then proceed in according adherence to it in some sort of automatical and blind way.

This old system of procedure should be relinquished by us in the Timeline of Now as being surpassed and not decisive any longer! It no longer has any validity for us since it is the matter of another old dimensional structure of duality – being no longer valid for us having advanced so far on…

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