Violence Against Women Must be Stopped, Bianca Jagger Tells World Leaders

Bianca Jagger speaking at the Longford Lecture Photo: Warren AllottBianca Jagger speaking at the Longford Lecture Photo: Warren Allott

sage:  Let’s hope she is listened to as widely and as often as her ex-husband’s music is.

By Miranda Prynne, The Telegraph – November 21, 2013 | Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

Discrimination against women persists in “veiled, underhand and unspoken” ways, even in “supposedly egalitarian nations”, the human rights activist Bianca Jagger claimed in last night’s Longford Lecture, sponsored by the Daily Telegraph.

Speaking at Church House, Westminster, Ms Jagger argued that “embedded deep in our cultures still lurks an institutional belief that women are inferior”.

In a talk entitled “Ending Violence Against Women and Girls, and the Culture of Impunity”, she appealed to the world leaders to adopt what she called “the missing Millennium Development Goal” of eliminating violence against women.

She described ending violence against women and achieving gender equality as “the paramount moral challenge of our century”.

Ms Jagger said: “Violence against women is caused by deeply entrenched societal norms.

“In some countries discrimination against women is enshrined in law. And it persists in other, supposedly egalitarian nations – veiled and underhand, unspoken.

“We are deluding ourselves if we think we have eradicated discrimination from the so-called developed world.

“I fear that under the surface of our western democratic, egalitarian societies, embedded deep in our cultures, still lurks an institutionalised belief that women are inferior.

Quoting the Beijing Platform, a global declaration of women’s rights, she added: “There lurk ‘Deeply entrenched attitudes and practices which perpetuate inequality and discrimination against women, in public and private life, in all parts of the world.’”

This aim of ending violence against women was overlooked when the international community agreed to the UN-sponsored global targets in 2000, and the failure to address it is now “holding back human development”, Ms Jagger said.

The issue is to be included in the new 2015 post-Millennium Development Goal framework but Ms Jagger said: “We cannot afford to wait two years.”

She went on: “Violence against women and girls is one of the most pervasive human rights violations in the world. It happens in every country, in every echelon of society. It is undermining our ability to meet the eight Millennium Development Goal targets.”

She highlighted shocking statistics that revealed 60,000 women were raped and 400,000 women were sexually assaulted in the UK last year, while a massive 1.2million suffered some form of domestic abuse.

In contrast there were just 5,651 rape prosecutions and only 111,891 for domestic violence.

“It’s common misconception that sexual violence on this scale happens only in the developing world. I’m afraid to say that sexual violence against women is a global crisis and the developed world is not exempt,” Ms Jagger said.

“There is a culture of silence and shame surrounding sexual assault – only one in 10 is reported in the UK.

“The victim is often the only witness, and almost always has to go to court. Many women are afraid to speak out in cases of rape and domestic abuse.

“Most rape victims cannot face the process of a trial.”

Through her charity, the Bianca Jagger Human Rights Foundation, she has launched a campaign calling for world leaders to formally commit to achieving the missing target.

She said: “I have a vision for the future I want. In this future we have achieved gender equality, ended violence against women and girls and the culture of impunity.

“We have achieved the missing MDG target. We live in a democracy where justice prevails.”

The annual lecture – in memory of the cabinet minister and prison reformer Lord Longford, who died in 2001 – also saw the awarding of the annual Lord Longford Prize to the Prison Radio Association, which broadcasts in many jails.


  1. Males are afraid of women, because we represent CREATION. We use both sides of our brains, and we are nurturers. This frightens men, as we are capable of so much more than men. This is why they keep oppressing females. Men are soon learning, we as women, don’t need men. We have sperm banks. We can be impregnated. Men cannot. They are afraid we will do away with them. So, they use fear to stay in control. Other than cuddling, and sex, men are disposable. They cannot be impregnated. And history shows, they have too much interest in conquering other people, lands, etc, and act on this, because they are testosterone motivated idiots.


  2. I agree Sharon.. and also know that Men were ‘taught’ to fear and therefore violate women by the Illuminati’s Patriarchy….. this has gone on for thousands of years – AND it is ALL changing NOW.

    Now – we have the birth of the Real Divine Masculine re-emerging on this planet… the one that was suppressed by the Illuminati.

    This real Divine Masculine is all about being a steward to Mother Earth, and a protector and supporter of the Divine Feminine.

    We are Birthing the Era of BALANCE…. DIVINE BALANCE.


  3. Well said Bianca! It seems to me hat apart from anything else there is a fear of women originating from the fact that everyone of us began inside the body of a woman the size of the Universe who seemed to hold absolute power over our lives.

    Lucifer is nothing BUT hatred of The Mother….or is that too esoteric for some?


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