How Sacredness Returns to Planet Earth

Sacredness 22Written by Steve Beckow, the Golden Age of Gaia,

We often hear the Company of Heaven talk about things sacred. They discuss our sacred self, sacred heart, sacred trust, etc.

There are many meanings of “sacred.” Pertaining to a religious or spiritual path. Embodying the universal laws. Connected to God.

But the meaning that I’m noticing in my own life that is asserting itself is “regarded with great respect and reverence.” And I’m noticing it more and more in the way that people show up for me.

As the energies rise, and as the Mother imbues us with clarity and love, I watch myself and the impact of those energies on me. Sometimes what I see are small changes in my posture or demeanor. I stand straighter, am quieter, and am less judgmental and more circumspect.

But all of this translates into feeling more respect and even reverence for others.

I think we all have some picture in our minds of what a higher-dimensional galactic or an ascended master looks like. But what I’m noticing is that I and everyone else around me are becoming more and more like those pictures in our minds.

That’s what was meant to happen, isn’t it? That’s what we all signed up for, wasn’t it? To go through this experience, this elevation in relationship which is beginning to show its first signs?

We signed up to descend into relative ignorance and then slowly walk up the hill and out of it, along with everyone else on Earth. We starseeds left our natural places, came here, and consented to take a crash course in the hardships that people in Third Dimensionality go through.

I could point to many starseeds who agreed to take on onerous health challenges, who were born into trying family circumstances, and even whose later families by marriage were also difficult, all to understand, I believe, what life was like for so many people.

And now we’re experiencing the gradual return and, if we watch closely the contours of our daily lives, we can see the way in which that return is being effected and smile as the difficulties and onerous circumstances slowly resolve themselves and life becomes easier or promises to become so in the relatively near future.

No sign is more comforting and reassuring than the rise of greater respect and reverence for others; that is what the increasing sacredness of our lives looks like to me.

We hear of the creative chaos we’re still in and of the remaining turmoil that the planet could go through.

But by the same token we also hear of the peacefulness that is promised us as we continue to bathe in the redeeming and revivifying energies that the Mother and her servants from all corners of the universe are bringing us and everyone else on the planet to effect the Ascension which is in the offing.

In past months and years, we wondered how all of this was to happen. But now we begin to see the earliest signs of how sacredness would return to Gaia’s inhabitants. This process we’re going through right now is that way.

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