Steve Beckow: The Family Business

Ascension 3658Written by Steve Beckow, the Golden Age of Gaia,

I don’t know how it is for you, but I know for myself that I often wonder how a thing will happen. My powers of imagination or spiritual recognition are not sufficient to give me a lead, a view or an understanding of the subject.

Many years ago, perhaps back in 1975, I was at work studying enlightenment and the whole subject was a mystery to me. All the ideas may as well have been an alphabet soup for the impenetrability of the mystery.

Then I had my vision in 1987 (1) that showed me that enlightenment was the purpose of life, what the entire journey of an “individual” soul was, what levels of reality there were to realize, etc. What was a mystery was now an open book (well, I exaggerate a bit).

Events like these immediately solve our dilemmas and make a subject comprehensible to us.

More recently, I’d been asking myself how unitive consciousness arises. And I had no idea, no answers, no inkling.

And then the November experience occurred, (2) in which I felt an explosion of love. And it blasted separative consciousness to smithereens and left me for a few hours in unitive consciousness. (3) I could see from that that separative consciousness was an overburden, a thick mat of beliefs that was impenetrable to oneness of mind and being.

I think that we forget … well, I certainly do … that we are consciousness. I think we think that we are these material bodies which have thoughts and feelings, the thoughts being the products of our brains, etc.

But that isn’t the case. We are an impermanently-individuated consciousness, a “fragment” of the One Consciousness, a wave of the Great Ocean, that makes itself a temporary body and uses it as we might use a car, a crane or a telescope.

We are consciousness and what impacts consciousness determines what we see, feel, and and hear – in any dimension in which our attention is centered or focused.

In consciousness, our beliefs impede. They’re as effective an impediment as a tree falling across the road is to traffic.

And this explosion of love is what was needed in my case to remove the impediment.

It may or may not be necessary for all of us to have the same experience as this. Some people may read this and accept that separative consciousness is an overlay that love removes without needing to have an experience to know it. Others may need to have an experience before they’ll accept it.

Various lightworkers will have various experiences in other areas and discuss them too so that more and more of the dark corners of our process are revealed.

In addition, the Company of Heaven are telling us through channeled messages that are getting more and more detailed and sophisticated about the process and patterns of Ascension. Mysteries are being revealed and ignorance is retreating.

It isn’t the case that we’re going through this process unaided. We heard Archangel Michael and the Divine Mother say that we’ll be experiencing ever-increasing intensities of uplifting energies, that our guides and everyone else among the Company of Heaven are leading us to spiritual unions of increasing size and scope, etc.

We’re being shown the way as we make our upward climb to the launch pad of Ascension.

If we see this, we may be able to relax a mite in knowing that matters are being taken care of.

We’re also privileged to be on the first planet to ascend on what will be a wave of Ascensions in the universe in this latest divine experiment of creating Ascension with the physical body, a definite innovation in life. We’re the ones leading and undergoing the experiment.

And it isn’t just Ascensions to the Fifth Dimension. Archangel Michael has already told me personally about an Ascension from the Seventh Dimension that will happen in 200 years.  And guess what? Some of the same crew here to help with this one will be there to help with that one.

What an incredible privilege! What an amazing adventure! We might say, as Sanat Kumara said to a friend, that we’re part of the family business and we might not be far off.

So I suggest that we all really comprehend at a very deep level that this is what we do; this is the family business – the business of Ascension and aiding others to ascend. Let’s learn the mechanics of it, as we’re destined to do, have promised to do, and came here to do.

Let’s really nail this one down. What more fruitful and satisfying line of work could there be?


(1) On that vision, see “Ch. 13 Epilogue,” at

(2) See “This Wonderful Rainbow of Love” at  and “Review of a Spiritual Experience” at

(3) See “Love Sweeps Separative Consciousness Away” at

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