Alexandra Mahlimay – Saint Germain: The Door to Your Relationships Opens


THE DOOR TO YOUR RELATIONSHIPS OPENS A Saint-Germain Channeling by Alexandra Mahlimay

Imagine yourself standing in front of a bright and beautiful door. A door that promises you new and passionate expressions in your relationships. As you stand in front of it, the door opens. It opens up, allowing you to step through it, and see how everything in your relationships can burst with joy.

Make no mistake, once you’ve stepped over its threshold, you will meet the intensity, and the powerful attractions that you can experience at this time.

While there is passion and depth that can be experienced, you are also given this opportunity to receive new insights about your relationships, which will carry you to new heights of understanding of your Self.

As you explore with passion the relationship presented to you, just remember that your personal identity is just as important to you, as the intimate merging with another being. Take time for yourself and keep a private time, so that you can feel your own energy. This will allow you to see your relationship even closer, than if you would spend all the time involved in it.

When you’re able to have time on your own, reflecting and feeling yourself, you are able to bring forth your inner clarity, and to clear up all illusions that may build up around this relationship.

Your intuition and your intellect will be able to work together very well to help you move forward in your relationship.

Originally posted by Joy and Clarity

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