Forever Assured

Note from Wes: I’ll be speaking on the Galactic Free Press’ Galactic Roundtable Meeting tonight at 4:30 PM pacific (6:30 PM standard). Here’s the link to the chatroom:

As I continue to feel led toward stepping up and using my voice much more than I have previously, I see that my channels are indeed expanding in the manners I’d expected them to. I’m coming to find deeper and more personal connections with the sources speaking through me, and I have to say that it feels pretty good.

I’ll happily greet disclosure and open landings of our star family when we humans have sufficiently lightened the collective vibration and brought about change, but with this strong and solidified personal connection I can say that I don’t need to see a ship to know in my mind and heart that this is all real.

I used to look toward external validations of everything I know and can feel within, and looking back, I’ve actually been given quite a few great validations of the reality of the existence of the spiritual realms, the Galactics and Angelics, etc.

Even still, I’ve come to learn that I possess the complete ability to glimpse the spiritual realms and be refreshed about their reality. No more do I look toward disclosure, which I’ll happily welcome when it does inevitably come, to reinforce my assurance of the reality of what I believe and know.

Speaking from personal experience, I can say that I used to look toward disclosure, prosperity packages and myriad other things to initiate for me what I thought would be a better future than my present.

There were things about myself and my reality that I was unsatisfied with, and instead of reaching within I allowed myself to seek externally and look toward something happening in my outward reality. I hadn’t realized that even if something spectacular did happen, the problems I had with my existence would’ve still been difficult.

I still had (and still have) Life path work to do, and with the personal expansion I’ve been blessed with undergoing, I can say that I’m very glad to have been allotted all of this extra time to grow into the heightened and refined version of myself that’s developing.

Whereas I looked toward external manifestations or events before, now I’ve been able to unlock infinite bliss and wholeness with myself and my existence. I’ve been able to recognize the perfection of this Now moment, and I find my personally held spiritual perceptions continuing to expand.

What a joy the initial bold events that’ll help shock our collective back into awareness will be, but if they didn’t happen in the next year I’d remain at (or increase) the level of devotion and service I choose to give to humanity’s awakening.

I’ve experienced far too much validation for my faith to wane over any external circumstances, because I’ve tapped back into deeper troths of consciousness and understanding that constantly remind me that Love, joy and bliss drive our existence.

Yes, there’s much that could be seen as “lower” plaguing our planet, but we can address and heal it all from a neutral and Loving higher-dimensional standpoint.

In concluding this writing, I’ll express what I feel is the importance of searching within to find true and lasting perception of the higher dimensions. Channeled messages and inspired writings concerning spirituality could help you quite a bit, but they’re only previews; teasers if you will, to the awesome spiritual perception you can gain within.

Recognize your brimming potential to re-access the higher realms, because we’re being told that our barriers and veils are diminishing to nothing.

Wes Annac – Forever assured of the reality of our existence.

Contributing Editor: The Golden Age of Gaia




  1. Hey Wes, I am totally with you on that. I never experience “my life” with such peace and joy, even through the government shutdown, which affected my husband, we remained so happy and relaxed, like it was a vacation. I can say I am able to enjoy every minute of my being, even when things come my way, things I used to worry about. I can see through them now and reconize them for what they really are. I am so grateful for that.


  2. Why are they taking so long to reveal themselves??

    They should show up more on the skies at least!

    I had two encounters, once I was bicicling and crying, when it showed up in front of me.

    The second time I took pictures. It is in my site:

    I worry that might be Military Holograms. But the way they showed themselves was very touching indeed! I felt very blessed!

    It would be so good if they showed up more!

    The 5D Raver.
    PS – Check my Cristallyne Body there too.


  3. Hey Wes I have been tapped into your abundant feed for about a Thank you I have recently started receiving messages from some wise beings …and this is all so new to me…the good thing is that I had no preconception of what messages others were receiving or from who..and finding your site was so grounding…ah I am not going mad….

    The image of Hathor that you chose… Just few days ago I had found it also…it matched an impression I had of a past life…it had a lot of charge for me …so when I saw it on your site…i knew i should send a message….we are all in this together….

    Bless your journey,your work, your life Caroline

    Sent from my iPad


  4. Hi Wes,

    Thank you for sharing! I have also begun releasing the need for external validation, specifically in the form of “signs” from my guides and angels. Their love and influence is very apparent in my life! My spiritual growth over the past year has enabled me to see this fact more clearly.

    Could you please tell me, though…how can a person who lacks the direct, clear, vivid communication with spirit that you and other channels have, find bliss and connection with the higher dimensions now?


    • Hello MissC,

      I’m not sure how often you practice it, but I’d wholeheartedly recommend meditation to gain glimpses of the spiritual realms. Meditation has done much for me personally, and in my opinion, it’s among the greatest ways to re-find our spiritual perception. 🙂

      Much Love,

      Wes 🙂


      • For me personally, meditation is pretty spontaneous in terms of when I do it and how long I spend in the good vibration. Generally, I’d recommend spending at least a little bit of time in meditation; perhaps meditating once in the morning and once in the evening would help out. Start and end your day in a great way! 🙂

        Much Love,

        Wes 🙂


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