Transcript: Sanat Kumara Discusses the Law of Transmutation, October 8, 2013

sanat-kumaraThanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

Heavenly Blessings: Sanat Kumara Discusses the Law of Transmutation. October 8, 2013

Suzanne Maresca: Good morning and welcome to another offering of Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love and author of “The New You, Emerging into the Brilliance of Humanity’s Heart Consciousness,” and myself Suzanne Maresca.

Today, Sanat Kumara returns to offer guidance on the Universal Law of Transmutation. There’s a lot I don’t understand about this one and the description that the Council of Love offers says that this is when we’re working on something that needs to be removed but not eliminated because of the core element, it was grist for creation.

They tell us that our role is to clear, release and destroy in a most positive way that which is not of wholeness. That issue or situation is brought down to the finest kernel, to that grain of sand which began as purity. From that place you allow the cleaned up essence to transmute or recreate into something of beauty. So I’m looking forward to understanding more about that.

This is a topic that I have once again thought about differently, so it’s an expansion experience to hear what the Council has to say. Good morning, Linda.

Linda Dillon: Good morning, Suzi, and good morning everybody. Yes, it’s interesting times, is it not? Actually this Law of Transmutation and Dissipation is what I find one of the Universal Laws that is actually used most frequently in very practical, what we can think of as minor ways to huge ways, so it’s going to be an interesting conversation.

And I thought before we even moved into meditation it struck me this morning – and here I go, not speaking in full sentences again (laughter) – it struck me this morning that perhaps not everybody has heard or even fully understood that we are in the process of receiving a phenomenal massive download directly from the heart of the Divine Mother right now on an expansion of clarity.

And what that looks like, the picture they gave me this morning which is different than the picture I’ve had the last few days, was they took the, I don’t know whether it was in the fjords or the far Arctic, but I know that we’ve all seen pictures when there’s like an iceberg or an ice cave and the ice or the snow is so pure that it looks blue.

Just capture that in your imagination. And that’s the ray – one of her facets of her Blue Diamond – that is being sent to us right now. And it began on Sunday and it will go – and it’s unusual that the Company of Heaven, the Divine, “times” anything. And when they do so, it’s for us, not them. But this will run, the energy, this massive expansion in energy, will run until next Sunday, the 13th.

Now, what’s the purpose of this energy now that we are on the Ascension path. We also know that with the Fall Equinox some of us doing it in the privacy of our home, some of us gathered in Joshua Tree, some of us had other celebrations, it matters not; there was a further opening and anchoring of our heart consciousness. And our capacity to love and to be that unified expression of Love.

So, I for one am recovering from Joshua Tree, as you can hear from my cold, and I was wondering how long will the Council give us off before the next wave. Well it didn’t take very long.

And this is the next step. And as the Divine Mother has said, it’s the precursor and the vision she gave me, which I didn’t share because it wasn’t appropriate or timely, on An Hour with an Angel (Monday, October 7), was it was like we were getting dressed for the prom. And we were all duded up and ready to go.

And why clarity. She has been very specific. Clarity in every aspect. Her clarity, not ours. Not what we think of as “oh I had a moment of clarity, oh I had a flash of clarity” but clarity as anchored like cement in our bones, in our hearts, in our minds. And that’s what she’s saying. Clarity of ideation. Clarity of intent. Clarity of focus. Clarity of emotion. Clarity of heart consciousness.

How do we proceed in terms of creating our life, our heart’s desires, Nova Earth, our Ascension if we don’t have this enormous clarity? Now I know that all of us have gone through periods where we’re creating something and it doesn’t matter whether it’s a dinner party or a sacred temple.

And part of the fun of course – and she’s not trying to take away our fun or our enjoyment of the creation process – is deciding are we going to wear this or that, where are we going to place the totems on our altar, which things are we going to bring into our sacred space.

But there are also moments in our creation process which is what the Universal Law, the entire series, is about; there’s moments in that creation process where we wonder “gee, I wish I knew is it this or is it that.” We’re hemming, we’re hawing, we’re not sure – do I turn left, right or go straight ahead.

Now can you imagine how wondrous it would be to just instantly, without even going there, having that clarity of all the steps and what’s required, what’s yours, what’s somebody else’s, in order to go forward. And that’s the gift she’s giving us.

In addition to that, for the first time, and when she originally – she’s given us this gift three times. I was shocked when I went back and saw that the first time she gave it to us was the very first creation article written back in 2003, a channeling.

And she talked about this being part of the Creator Race. And our claiming our place as Creator Race. So she’s kept increasing it and increasing it and now she’s asking us to join her. This is us stepping into our role.

So often we wonder what does stepping forward, what does taking action mean. I don’t have the money to go out and hire a hall and tell everybody to come and hear this, I’m not in a position to do some things. But this is something we’re all capable of. And it’s the partnership with the Company of Heaven and the Mother herself. And us.

So we receive this energy, and she’s asking us to meditate every night at nine o’clock – or nine o’clock wherever you are – or to adjust your time to nine o’clock. Last night, as Suzi and I know, it was a big night, I was late getting to bed. So it was about 10:30, which is really late for this nine o’clock girl. And so I just, as I laid down to do my meditation, I just basically turned the clock back to 9:00 and started and joined everybody.

We receive the energy and as I said, it comes as this beautiful clear crystal, clear blue energy. Whatever that looks like to you. And we bring it into not just our hearts, but it starts with our hearts. And then it just permeates our whole field.

Once you feel you’ve anchored it, the sensation is then you’re taking it – and with me I literally had myself doing a whoosh energy out with my palms facing outwards to the world as if I’m sending energy and I’m sending it to everybody on the planet.

Because can you imagine if everybody on the planet started to have this clarity, hunger would disappear, war would disappear, spousal abuse would disappear, child abuse would disappear, those feelings of unworthiness would disappear. Because in the clarity of who we are and who the Mother is in our realm, there would be no room for it.

So, why are we talking about this today? When we talk about the Law of Transmutation, this gift of clarity is like a bonus. Because so often when we’re transmuting, we’re not really clear about exactly what it is we’re transmuting. This is another piece to our wonderful jigsaw puzzle.

Now let me, as an example, and this is an example that the Council talks to people about all the time. And I know I’m being long-winded but bear with me.

So for example, someone’s taking – many of us take – supplements, medication, even food that we believe isn’t good for us. And what the Council’s guidance, and Sanat Kumara/Raj’s guidance, and the Buddha – everybody’s guidance – is you hold it in your hands and you transmute it.

So for example, say you are taking blood pressure medication. And you think I really don’t want to be on this, but I also don’t want to have a stroke or a heart attack. So you either hold the bottle or you hold the individual pill and before you take it you invoke the Universal Law of Transmutation.

And you take everything out of that pill or that bottle of pills that isn’t good for you and you leave that kernel as Suzi was saying of what’s really good for you in that and then it’s not just a matter of stripping down, it’s like renovating your house. You just strip down to the studs, then you rebuild. So then you would add some love, some perfect health, perfect clarity, and then you take the pill.

The Law of Transmutation, and any of the Laws for that matter, because we’re talking about being in Universal time, not our time, happens really fast. So, why am I talking about clarity in reference to this? Because the clearer we are, in what we want to transmute and get rid of – without throwing the baby out with the bath water – is really, really important.

So from my perspective, and Mary’s nodding her head yes, it gives us the opportunity to really, we’re stepping more and more into our higher dimensional and dare I say angelic selves because we’re having that level of clarity, of what’s desirable, what’s desirable for us and what’s desirable for the collective.

Now, a little proviso because I’ve noticed it – this started with, well the channeling came through on Saturday, we posted it for the peace meditation Sunday, so here it is Tuesday, so we’re only a couple of days into this. And I’m noticing that things are coming up with probably all of us.

So, with this gaining of clarity, stuff is going to come up. Because you’re getting really clear. Perhaps more clear or more consistently clear than we’ve ever been before. And I know our group, our circle, everyone who’s listening right now today and who will listen to this after the fact, are pretty clear on who we are, what we’re here for, what we’re up to. But still there’s stuff that’s going to come up.

So as that comes up, utilize what we’re going to talk about today, which is that Law of Transmutation. One of the things that Suzi and I had been chatting about the last couple of days is that I don’t think we’ve had an adequate, shall we say, or full conversation about how we might use these Universal Laws – how we might apply them to our everyday life and to what we’re working on in terms of our creation. So this is a really practical example.

So, what do you think?

SM: Oh, I think it’s a wonderful time. Shall we mention that it may be a shortened show?

LD: Yes. We might cut it off little early because of yours truly still having her cold.

SM: I didn’t sleep very well last night, so I will welcome that as well.

LD: Yes, and I think this is something that is really good to share. I know we have our call-in people and that’s one of the things that I really love about this show. But I also think being able to share our vulnerabilities, you know that there are days when all of us don’t feel as energetic, shall we say, as other days. And that’s why it’s so wonderful that we have this circle of support. And flexibility. Yes – that there’s room to flex where we need to flex.

SM: All right. So, happy meditation.

LD: Thank you.

( Meditation starts at 19:30 and ends at 39:20 )

Sanat Kumara: Greetings, I am Sanat Kumara. I am Raj, and I am delighted and pleased to speak to you this day of this Law of Transmutation and Dissipation.

Dear heart, think of the original Creation of the Mother. Not only of this planet of might, of beautiful Gaia, but of the Omniverse, the Multiverse, your Universe. And let us look to Gaia and the original intent, which was to be a place for Angels to experience physicality, delight, and to move in a variety of forms, to have the knowing of physicality in a different way.

In the beginning, there was only purity upon sweet Gaia. The creation was not a creation of illusion. It was not a creation of duality polarity. Earth was intended as a playground far more than even Sirius could ever be. And it was a playground of Love. Of delight. Of pleasure. Not hedonism, but pleasure. Of reveling in the magnificence of creation, of physicality. And it mattered not whether you chose to be Mt Olympus or a snail and any human being

While we have talked a great deal about the building, creation, construction of illusion, separation, angst, anxiety, anger, there is no question that each of you and the collective of humanity are mighty creators. You have already proven that. And you prove it every moment you breathe. You are creating life and you are co-creating it with the air, with Gaia, with the exchange of the molecules of oxygen. So the question of whether you have the capacity to create is moot.

So part of that creation, part of your might, is the knowing when something is worth saving. And what I would suggest to you, my Beloved Ones, is that there is very little within any of you or upon Gaia that is not worth saving. You have the situation of sunken treasure. And yes, I particularly use this example, because of the channel who lives on the treasure coast.

The treasure is filled with sludge and barnacles but there are gold ingots and gems and rubies underneath it. Is it worth the effort for extraction? Yes. Now you do not simply want to poof away or utilize the Law of Elimination to destroy what is valuable? That is not the purpose.

The desire is to preserve and to bring back what was originally of such grace and beauty that it is worth anything to view it, to own it. Own it within yourself. Once again.

And the ownership, dear heart, that I refer to is the ownership of your sacred self. So I give you this Law of Transmutation. It is the cleanup Law. It is the reconstruction. It is the beautification of the Community Law. And it is a joint project.

What is required and the scope of what can be cleaned up is going to explode with your expanded clarity. This magnificent gift directly from the heart of the Mother. We are on call. High alert. Particularly your Star brothers and sisters. Waiting, assisting, to begin this reclamation project.

And as she has said, it matters not whether it is a relationship, a planet, a pill; all are worthy. And we do not judge saying to you that you cannot use the Law, the infinite Law of Transmutation to do this. There is nothing barring you from using it, from the smallest speck of sand to the largest galaxy. We are with you. So go in peace. Do you have questions for me, Suzanne?

SM: I do. Thank you so much, Raj. I admit to being fairly unprepared for today’s topic but what is on my mind is how to actually put these Laws to practical use in our daily lives. So this Law of Transmutation is clearly a very useful one that would be hugely beneficial for any and all of us to be practising.

The thing that’s most up for me right now is how to transmute a troubled relationship when I just want peace. Would you kindly speak to this and perhaps say if resolution and transmutation is always possible in such relationships and if I may, in the relationship on my mind now?

Raj: Yes. You are never presented with a situation, be it a relationship, an illness, a challenge, that is not capable of transmutation. Let us be very clear about this. Now there are times when after the transmutation takes place there is a co-operative loving joint decision to take a different pathway. But that does not occur until the transmutation has transpired.

So this is what you do, my Beloved. Again, put the situation – and understand all of you are dealing with many many many past lives, situations, vasanas, false grids, issues, debris, both on and off planet. And many of you right now are reaching a point where in fact you are clearing issues that never occurred on Earth. And that is also why it is so puzzling to you.

You take it, you put it in your hands, as if you are creating like a miniature stage or a dollhouse, and you hold it within your hands as if you have just cupped your hands to take a fresh drink of water out of a stream.

So you cup your hands and you place the energy, so you are taking it out of yourself and putting it in your hands. So you are stepping back in effect. You are placing it in your hands, and then you are calling on us and you are invoking – and let us emphasize invoking is a very powerful action. When you invoke myself, Saint Germaine, the Mother, or a Law, it is our agreement in accordance with the Law that we show up.

So you invoke our help, the Law, and you hold it. Now if it is an intense situation, such as a troublesome relationship, marriage or a chronic illness, you may do this for several days. But you will know when it is completed.

Do not forget the Mother is giving you the clarity to know. So you hold it, and you simply allow, as if you are the observer watching a play. You do not need to see every nuance, every article of clothing, every raised eyebrow, every stomach pain, you just observe.

You can even take a break, come back, but keep it in your hands away, slightly away from your body so if you were sitting for example, your elbows are on your knees and your hands are out so there is some distance. But as you also notice as you are sitting, your hands are pretty much in alignment with your heart. So that it is an alignment with your core, with the seat of your soul and with your love, because you do this out of love.

You do not use the Law of Transmutation simply because a situation is painful or troublesome. You do it out of love. And so then you allow it to transmute, you will see it in physical reality, and then you may come back and say “well then the troublesome part is transmuted; I no longer have my headache or the aches and pains, perhaps I no longer need my medication. But now what I am going to do is transmute the situation into perfection.”

So you keep going. You take that grain of sand that you have stripped down to its purity and then you create the pearl. Which is a beautiful, lustrous health, relationship, planet.

No situation, not for any of you, in any reality, is presented to you simply so that you can say well this isn’t fixable. That is the old paradigm. That is why war continues, poverty continues, hunger continues. Because people say, “this is too big to be tackled, it will never work.” And that dear hearts is not of truth.

SM: Thank you so much for that. I remembered what I was going to ask before. It’s about perceptions. So, as healers in integrity we know to always ask permission to work on someone. But I’m wondering if that’s always necessary in every situation.

Because I think many of us send Love and Light to folks who don’t even know us and often to people who want nothing to do with us. So the perception part is we do the work and I do understand that the work that we do, of an energetic nature, whether other people are aware of it or not does have an effect, but it takes two in a relationship and if one person is doing transmuting work can one person do it for both?

Raj: Yes. I am going to shock many with my answer. But let us also say, as LaoTzu and Saint Germaine have indicated, with the introduction of Thirteen Octave La Ho Chi and Ascension healing, the rules changed.

So when you used to ask permission of the individual, you as a human race – as a collective, were at the point of learning to respect boundaries and one another. You’ve learned that. And you do not undertake healing work in a way that is a subterfuge. It is not possible. Then what you are doing is creating subterfuge. So that is very different than healing.

So when you send Love, because basically that is what the Law and what creation and healing is about, you are sending it to the individual or to the situation or to the collective, just as you are now sending clarity to the collective of humanity. You are sending it with the purity of intent and the purity of love.

If there is one individually or collectively as a group that says, “no we do not want this, we are not ready for it, leave me alone, I love my disease,” then what that energy does, it has its own intelligence. So that transmutation energy, that healing energy, moves on. It doesn’t just stall out. It is active, vibrant, alive energy. So it moves on; it moves on to the person who has been praying in the darkness of the night for help. And in that way, it is utilized. When you send healing energy it is never wasted.

And let us suggest to you that sometimes that healing energy travels several galaxies. So no, do not hesitate. If it is not welcomed, it will simply continue on.

SM: All right. That’s wonderful. That’s really good news. So my last question – Gaia as a transmuter; we can certainly partner with Gaia because we’ve been given the information many times to give it to the Mother, give it to Gaia. If you’re feeling sorrow, just release it into the Earth and give it to Gaia. So she’s a master transmuter.

Raj: Gaia is your biggest example in physicality of how to transmute. Think, and I say “think” because to feel will hurt too much; think of all the atrocities big and small that Gaia has transmuted. So yes, weep your tears, release to the Earth, sleep with your head in her lap. And allow her to assist you. She is your Earthly mother. And she will help you. And she shows you how to do this.

How does a stream that has been polluted and disregarded and then not interfered with, with human cleanup activities, how does she restore that so that when you return two years later, your stream is bright and sparkling and just as you remembered? She transmutes. And the Elementals, the Devas, the Kingdoms, they all help her. So yes, work with Gaia.

SM: And there’s also the situation that when we offer our love and energy to Gaia, does that not help her as well to do the work that she does?

Raj: When you receive love, compassion, understanding, connection, committed heart, does that not spur you on? So, yes, it is exactly the same with Gaia. She says, “okay, some do remember and love and cherish me. I will keep going.”

SM: Thank you. It’s been wonderful as always. We have a couple of callers, if we may. Are you ready?

Raj: Yes. I would be pleased to.

David: I have a quick question. I want to know if, when we’re talking about the Law of Transmutation, it feels like there’s also a way, we’re not talking so much about this, but it’s about destroying the illusion. And as I understand the illusion is separation and everything like that helps is a representation of separation, of not being whole. So I want to ask if there is a way of transforming our ultimate negative thoughts of separation and get into this consciousness that we are really one. Because I think then everything will dissolve into truth again. So this is my question.

Raj: Yes there is a process and of course the core issue is always self-worth and self-love. And you can place this lack within your hands. But do not forget I do not give this simply for you but for all. And not everyone on the planet is prepared to start at that point.

The one thing that I have not said and it is important, this is about destruction, but I have used the term very specifically about cleanup. About reconstruction.

As you are clearing away, and let us use again the analogy of the buried treasure, as you are cleaning off the barnacles, as you are cleaning off the mud and the sludge, the tarnish, you are loving it. So it is not with disdain, ever.

You are doing it because you are uncovering a precious treasure that is either you or a nation or a belief system or a collective. So you are loving the barnacles, you are loving the mud, because it has protected what was so precious and important to you. But now, it is time for the treasure to re-emerge. And for the treasure to re-emerge in the purity of its space.

So say you have brought up a beautiful ruby. And it has been covered in all of this; but you know what lies within. So you reach down to the ruby after you have removed the barnacles, the sludge, the crustaceans, the weeds, etc.; now the ruby is looking pretty grim. It is dull, it looks like a stone you would pick up on the edge of a gravel pit.

But you know that it is a ruby because you see and know the original intent, which was always Love. Which was always wholeness, which was always fulfillment. So, then you are taking that ruby – and this is the reconstruction – and you are polishing it; you are talking to it; you are connecting to it. You are loving it until it gleams in the sun and the moonlight like one of the brightest rainbow ships in the sky.

So yes, begin if you are ready, with self-worth. I would welcome that. But not everybody is. So let us use another example. If you are working for example with the people of Syria, there is a purity of heart and purpose in this sacred place. But there is a lot of sludge. Not everyone is ready to jump. All the layers of war, of abuse, have need to be moved away gently, lovingly, before that ruby of the beauty of Syria can emerge.

So do not simply use it for yourself. Use it for many of your global situations as well. That is what we did in the creation of Venus.

David: May I ask another question? Sanat Kumara maybe you can answer this quickly. Is our goal – here in duality and separation – to unite and unify ourselves back to the Oneness from where we’ve come?

Raj: Yes. But through all the Laws. And that is why we go through them one by one. Because there are some Laws that are more effective to use. But they are always used as a body of codification.

But let us, I wish, my beloved friend, to correct you. You are not in duality and polarity. You do not live there any longer. So do not say, that is like saying you still live in the house where you were born. You do not. So let it go.

And declare yourself; you live in a reality of Unified Field. You live in a reality where you are reclaiming the fullness of your being as creator. As creator race. The old needs to become a dim memory. So, allow it to be so. Not erased, because we want you to remember so you don’t revert. But do not declare yourself, my friend, as living there. You do not.

SM: Thanks for your call David. Area code 303 are you with us?

Caller 303: Hi. I think my life has been meant to be like a sign of how bad your life can get and yet you can still find your way out of the darkness and, well, if I may say online, “hell”; so how do I know what to do now that I’ve mostly gotten out. How do I find my purpose.

Raj: Polish the stone. And it is not particularly through the Law of Transmutation that you find your mission and purpose.

So, what I suggest to you, Beloved One, is to go back into meditation, into your heart, and to bring forth the Law of Purpose, the Law of Intent, to go to the New You, discover your idea in the first dimension, because you are a multi-dimensional person.

Go back. And allow that now that you’re out of hell’s gate to bring forth the truth of who you are.

Now, this is not to be done with the sense of it being burdensome. It is to be done with incredible, indescribable joy, laughter, play, celebration. So, sit, anchor in your heart, anchor in Gaia, anchor in the Thirteenth Octave and call forth your purpose; allow it to simply well up within you. It will come.

Caller 303: Thank you. I actually followed one of the meditations and the terms that came up were Dream Keeper and Vision Keeper. Which sound really exciting. How do I figure out what does that mean? How do I go forward with those ideas in my life?

Raj: They are not ideas. They’re truth and information on who you are. So now the dreaming starts. What do you want it to mean? When you are a Dreamer and a Vision Keeper, it means that you hold this, not only for yourself but for the collective. So what is the dream of perfected ascended humanity, what does the dream – the vision of renewed humanity – look like. That’s where you start. And enjoy it. And I will help you.

Caller 303: Thank you very much, I need the help.

Raj: Dear heart, it is our honor.

SM: Raj, I know it has been a joyful training experience to do these shows. So I really appreciate it and thank you very much.

Raj: Dear heart, you are welcome. It is my joy to be called forth this way. And to assist in the Ascension of humanity.

SM: So what do we have going on next week?

Raj: We will talk about Instantaneous Transmission. Now we have talked about renovating a house. And reconstruction. Now we will talk about Instantaneous Transmission. This has more of the effect of the poof, rather than the building and reconstruction. It will be a great deal of fun. And yes, it will be me. Farewell dear heart; I return you to Linda.

SM: Thank you.

LD: Hi, it’s Linda.

SM: Welcome back.

LD: Thank you. Well, yes I think they are really – I just feel a very strong sense that with every show, with everything that we’re doing, here and elsewhere, that every day the ante is being upped. It’s phenomenal. It’s like moving from the ballet barre onto the floor to dance.

SM: I also feel that we‘ve been equipped as well for moving into what we are. The frequency bumps and the energy and all that sort of thing has been about preparing us. I feel well prepared. And I’m happy.

LD: You know what – they wouldn’t be doing this with us if we weren’t prepared. If we hadn’t been jumping up and down like a kid with their hand up shouting “me me me” so we’re prepared. And yes, there might be bumps along the way, but that’s okay. We’re ready. It’s part of it. And we’ve proven that we’re strong enough, we’re in it for the duration. All of us. So, let’s go.

SM: Yes. Well thank you, Linda, thank you to you the listeners and readers and we really appreciate everybody.

LD: We really do. And we’ll see you next week. Get ready. And don’t forget, nine o’clock every night, clarity.

SM: Good reminder.

LD: I love you all. See you then.


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