Build the Future – A Song by Wes Annac

Note from Wes: I’ll be out today, Sunday the 6th.

The following is a song written by me, called Build the Future.


We can all smile and enjoy our existence if we wish

Only we’ve convinced ourselves we can’t

Sitting here amongst the hummingbirds and all the flowers

This all comes to me and I will rant

For the beauty is unmistakable and it goes without saying

This new Life is my choice

We have the power now to know and feel and understand

Everything we’ve forgotten

How we utilize it is entirely up to us

Don’t leave the whys or hows up to no woman or no man

Beyond yourself

But in this new world we will build, everyone we will trust

The elements of awakening

Will have reached the minds and hearts of the people

Steadily churning away at them

The rough outer exterior is chipped away to reveal that we are all equal

Darkness only Lives if it Lives in our hearts

How many of us have known this right from the start?

We can find and manifest abundance for ourselves

Find personal wholeness and escape the confines of a self-created Earthly hell

For the personal enlightenment and awakening that can be found now

Will help everyone to exit their self-instated shells

And the Light that guides our way will have the last say on this day

If we can help it

We will find and spread redemption to everyone, every woman and every man

If you think you’re drowning, don’t be frowning, you’re only growing and learning

Along an experience you Create

Seek everlasting joy and happiness in every moment

All your worries, all your fears, they will dissipate

And the tragedies of the previous day

Will lead us into success tomorrow

We were hurt in so many ways

But now we lay aside our pain and our sorrow

Mental intelligence is essential to be found

If we don’t have that, what do we have?

Your opened mind will only take you so far, so remember and understand

An opened heart will lead you to build your Kingdom of Heaven

Gaining deeper glimpses into your own self

Gives you deeper impressions of Love, sees you gain true wealth

Let us gain this wealth together with everyone who’s become aware

Let’s build our future!


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